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November 22, 2009

Sarah Palin, Going Rogue, everyone’s to blame!

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Sarah Palin’s heads across the country promoting her new book “Going Rogue”, which blames everyone for the problems she had during the campaign from Katie Couric to John McCain himself.

Truthfully few took her seriously in the first place, candidates for public office have to be looked at seriously, and no matter what excuses Palin delivers in her book “Going Rogue’, the truth is she was not ready and not qualified to hold the office as vice president.

Part of me really just wished she would have been honest and admit to the facts which were she was not knowledgeable on political issues, policy or even some current events.

There is something respectable about truth and accountability from those running for office. Palin would have gained additional supporters to her team with truth instead of excuses. Politicians do it all the time as the learn from mistakes and continue to seek office in the next election.

 However there is a problem at starting at the top and working your way up when it comes to knowledge. Maybe you need the basic skill set and the other things come along the way

It’s Katie Couric’s fault Palin didn’t know the name of  one single newspaper or magazine during her infamous interview last year. As for most of her other issues they were the fault of McCain’s handlers who treated her as a robot and she had no choice but to jump and ask how high? 

There is no doubt that it was hard for her being a female candidate, but Hillary Clinton was also a female, yet she was able to speak clearly and intelligently on issues concerning the government and Country.

Maybe Palin should simply say the truth, she was in over her head and no one including McCain say the train wreck awaiting which would  follow the announcement of  her as his selected running mate. 

Everyone is not suited for every job in life, or sometimes preparation is required in advance to make a solid respectable attempt. basically, not many people wanted anything to happen to McCain with fear of Palin as number one in life for the oval office.

The smoke has all cleared, and actually even I like Palin better these day’s, because it was never personal, but during the election it was like watching a crash over and over again wanting to jump in and save her from herself.

McCain and his camp were responsible, but it was for placing her in that position in the first place, especially when there were women who could have served them better based on experience and knowledge of government.

That poor Sarah song is old, she is nice and funny and certainly we all have areas where we are smart, but politics is not her area of expertise and the sooner she admits this, or works to change this by studying issues, current events and government, Palin would get more  respect from women and also be seen as a candidate serious enough to claim her faults and take this time to work on her politics.

 Every day women fight the fight and lose battles based on gender, but her problems were not that she was a woman, it was the material she herself presented which was used against her instead. If a man said he could see Russia from his back yard and used it as an example of his foreign policy knowledge, he too would have made the news in a negative light. It wasn’t always get her because she is a woman, sometimes it was amazement of the answers being delivered to media.

The same looks that hurt her based on lack of knowledge on issues got her there in the first place. Unless Palin  really believes McCain’s selected her based on her knowledge of policy. Truthfully she would have to know she was selected because she was a woman. Plain and simple.

Palin does have a future within her party , but what role she will play if anyone’s guess, but her in a political office would require a make over which seems impossible if the person refuses to be accountable for her actions and words during the campaign.

This would mean not blaming others for her lack of knowledge in government or world affairs, and simply state this is an area she is working on and has learned much since the election.

 Apparently her current handlers are not teaching her the art of public relations. Humility and honesty plays out better than the blame game,  adult women can’t blame everything on men, especially when they stay in the game til the end.  Palin waited to the games was over to call out foul! She displayed a confident fiery attitude often in public, now we are to believe she was meek  and vulnerable and  everyone made her do things she didn’t agree with, and say things she didn’t want to say?  Right!


Oprah say’s leaving feels right!

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There had been speculation for sometime that the queen of daytime television was not going to continue her successful talk show, and Oprah Winfrey made that announcement this week on her show, vowing to end her show after the magic number 25-year in 2011.

The queen commands media attention as everyone tries to figure out what she will do after ending the Oprah Winfrey Show. The list is long on possibilities seeing that she is a business woman with interest in media holdings including show’s of Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray and Dr, Oz. She also has a radio show, a succesful magazine “O”, and is planning to launch a new television cable network under her brand as the OWN network a fifty percent  partnership with The Discovery Network.

After twenty something years of daytime success with her show, she want’s to move on at what she considers the right time, saying ” it just feels right in my bones and in my soul.” 

Most realize that this is just a new beginning and that Winfrey will still be around stronger than ever as she puts her midas touch on her new network venture, which was not mentioned during her announcement on her show Friday.

The networks are the ones ot watch as they look to fill the shoes of the most successful daytime talk show in history. Which many say just won’t happen. Sure someone will host a show and garner decent ratings, but will that someone become a media queen or king? Probably not.  There are also the questions of does it have to be a male ot female, some say ot doesn’t matter, yet I disagree. Part of the magic of Oprah was her being a woman relating to other women just like her in some way. She is every woman on some level which made her easy to watch and listen to as a friend.

That magic is her personality and ability to give of herself even when it hurts. The ability to be truthful about herself and her thought on others. The most magical part of Oprah is  her ability to be vulnerable one minute, and the next show strength in uniting a fight for a cause near and dear to her heart.

The magic is a sincere human quality of wanting to change the world by making it better every single day, that’s her ongoing drive because she cares  deeply and without judgement as she has said and displayed by her ability to interview a king or a homeless person making each feel important for that one hour, that’s the magic and not something anyone can successfully achieve. 

There will be many fighting for that daytime title, and another show will land in the time slot, but Oprah is a brand and it took all of those years to build that brand, so a newbie has to have that staying power to even come close to the numbers generated by Oprah.

Shaniya Davis, another child lost to violence

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There is a problem in our society when women are being abducted, raped and or murdered, even worst children are facing the same disgusting fate in alarming numbers as victims.

 There are often reports of child abduction and rape which is horrible and shouldn’t happen to any child. But in the case of little 5-year-old Shaniya Nicole Davis its her  mother who is said allegedly sold her 5-year-old daughter into sex slavery in order to pay off a drug debt according to news reports.

 This is where my understanding escapes me completely,  looking at a photo of Shaniya Nicole Davis warms the heart of a mother, father or anyone with humane emotions. So the though of such cruel acts like rape and murder makes one sick to the stomach and extremely difficult to grasp.

watching news clips of adult black male walk into a hotel holding a 5-year-old with possible intent to violate her is beyond belief. That vivid photo leads most to tell themselves something other than the fate of rape and death awaits this little girl. Thers is something about being human that won’t let any other thought compute.

What type of mother would allow such a thing? Animals are more protective of their young,  they instinctively guard them and will kill to protect a puppy, tiger or cub.

The basic instincts of a mother is to protect, yet today there must be something in the water, because mothers are sometimes minus the mommy gene. Yet many of these women choose to have babies, sometimes multiple in numbers which they fail to take care of properly.

Which is the case of this little girls mother who is also reported to be pregnant with another child by her current boyfriend, which  is scary if she had anything at all to do with the death and rape of her 5-year-old daughter.

What type of man could look at a little girl and harm her so viciously? There is no excuse and maybe our focus on understanding these crimes override the fact that someone is dead, and for the victims and family that’s final, nothing left to discuss on this important point.

 Shaniya was a beautiful little girl and there was a sparkle in her eyes in those photo’s. She was life for her those that loved her and a whole world of people who watched the news hoping for a positive outcome to this story.

The mother called 911 hysterically telling of a daughter escaping from the house as she repeatedly said the little girl could open the door. As a mother at 5am five-year olds are not as a rule up wondering the house to leave. They are usually frightened around that age. This was just one alarming part of listening to the tape, the other was her voice and tone going from hysterical to calm all throughout the conversation with the 911 operator. It doesn’t matter if she gave this child to someone or let them walk out the door with her in arms, she is responsible as the mother. Her responsibility  morally and legally was to provide for and protect her child.  

Someone has to answer for Shaniya’s  rape and murder and it should be all that took part in the act leading up to the brutal ending of a little girls laughter and her life.

There have been reports that the family has had police at the home of Shaniya’s mother in the past due to drugs. There are also reports that social services had also had been looking into the family.

Well, maybe they looked but a child is dead, and maybe police came, but a little girl name Shaniya Nicole Davis was failed by all  system’s in place to care for her, including her mother.  Sadly her story is not unique. 

 There is something wrong when women and children are violated repeatedly and nothing is being done to stop this type of violence which is rarely reported unless national news brings it forward. Maybe crimes against women and children have to become an important part of  the law carrying sentences that at least will make a criminal think twice.

The current laws for crimes against women and children allow for little tim served in most cases, and its that perception we give to the public which fuels these types of crimes as something less than a criminal act. Rapes are not reported by news and under reported by victims. That say’s something about the hierarchy, only with recent national cable news shows has heavy attention gone to crimes against women and children.

September 16, 2009

Simpson’s Ex wants to tell all!

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Christine Prody the Ex girlfriend of O J Simpson has a need to tell all after a long term relationship with a man she knew had been accused of allegedly murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

Let’s get this straight, she is terrified of Simpson, yet she dated him knowing his history. Regardless of the fact Simpson was found innocent he had been on trial and most women would see this as a red flag, Proceed with caution if you must. Yet its difficult to find a reason that would lead one to enter into a relationship with Simpson at that time unless the big picture of potential money from telling your story was the motivation in the first place.

Not one that is a Simpson fan, but women like Prody who make unusual choices in dating men accused of murder have to know that there is only one reason for a relationship with someone with Simpson and it had to be a long term goal to benefit. Funny, he had to go to jail in order for her fear to kick in and want to tell all. Please.

Obviously this is a trend with high profile murder cases, because Drew Peterson also had no problem in the world of dating after reports that he allegedly killed his second and third wife. Most people have a difficult time finding the romance when the potential for the person you love to do harm is so high.
Dating men that are accused of murder may not be the best life choice, and those that do probably need to tell all to a therapist prior to getting into this type of relationship

July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson’s Farewell!

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The world said good bye to Michael Jackson a musical icon and legend today during an emotional celebration of his life and legacy. The words kind, sweet, gentle and caring were said too many times to be ignored.


Celebrities honored a man, his music and his character which was long over due for a man who gave so much to music and the world. Most prefer to harp on trials and allegations which were unfounded to be true, or those taking money for alleged crimes instead of pursuing justice. The mistake made by Jackson was trying to give too much and not understanding people in this world. Becoming a father was the answer for Jackson who could then give love and care to children of his own. Based on his little girls hard felt tears during the memorial ceremony, he was loved and adored by his children and there is no greater accomplishment.


Through the years of musical greatness Jackson leaves behind his music and humanitarian efforts to heal the world. During the 70’s the Jackson Five stole the hearts of young girls, and young boys wanted to be the Jackson five imitating their wardrobe style and hair. The first hot boy band was the Jackson Five. These young men gave inspiration and pride to an entire generation.


Looking back it’s hard to believe how much of my life was intertwined with the Jackson Family. My first crush was Michael, he was so cute and every word he sang appeared to be directed at me, and no one better had said differently. Love, respect and fun were what you got from a Jackson Five song.


Today it’s exciting to know my daughter now in her 20’s shares in the joy of Michael Jackson and his music, she knows not only his hits from the 80’s and 90’s, but she also knows the early music of the Jackson Five. The music that shaped a generation before her time, yet she got to know his music as he grew as an artist capturing yet another generation. My joy was watching him grow as a man and evolve as an artist.


There was a man performing as a professional who always seemed to have his boyish charm to remind us that he really didn’t change much over the years. Maybe many understood more about his eccentricity by being honest enough to know we would never understand how a boy who never had a chance to socialize in a normal way like us could be expected to display that type of normal.


All the things we take for granted growing up like going to the first dances, school football games or simply hanging out with friends was not an option for Jackson. He was a star at a young age and missed out on the basic socialization skills to teach him about the world. Therefore the world looked down on Jackson at a time when understanding was in order; he was different by the design of a life as a child star never having the experiences granted to those of us that are said to be normal.


The normal for him was his life and he attempted to make the best of that life as a great performer giving us all of him, while suffering personally by not understanding himself what he really missed. They say you can’t miss what you never had, but you can wonder why you feel as if you are missing something when the rest of the world shows you differently.


The worst isn’t over as Jackson’s life continues to be dissected, things the public really doesn’t need to know, and most importantly one day his children shouldn’t have to look back and hear some of the horrible things being said about the man they call daddy. What should be serious news coverage has become tabloid coverage of personal information the public can do without. Fans only care about the music and legacy while enemies only care about the accusations. The media blends the two to create a story to benefit both sides and although Marlon Jackson said “maybe they will leave you alone now Michael,” somehow we know that won’t happen, but at least Jackson’s impact on the world was present to speak for him at a full stadium and millions of television viewers around the world. His impact is without question and that gives him the final word for the final curtain.

April 6, 2009

Michelle O is Not Jackie O!

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America seemed to have more to say about a touch of affection between First Lady Michelle Obama and The Queen of England than the Europeans, who by the way saw it for the most part as fascinating.

In America it seemed to be an opportunity to showcase the first lady as lacking etiquette in a foreign country. This is surprising mainly because in this country we often touch as a way of endearing ourselves to others in conversation.

The fascination with the Obama’s is a little maddening, they are after all just people, not from another planet. A touch became world news and received equal coverage to the unemployment rates which were also announced, but quickly ended to give way to more analysts discussing the First Lady and the touch of Queen Elizabeth who responded with a like gesture to the First Lady.

The Queen didn’t show signs of displeasure and her staff delivered a favorable comment on the matter, but here in America that wasn’t enough, instead we have to seek fault in a visit with a new First Lady who apparently felt at ease and comfortable with her meeting with the Queen, and that led her to reach out in an expression of kindness with a gently touch.

More pressing issues are on our world agenda, like the actual meetings of the president with foreign leaders in order to correct the spiraling economy. The First lady is more than capable of serving her duties; after all she is more than eye candy for the president. With degrees from Princeton and Harvard some of the discussions concerning her are not well thought out by professionals.

This is a first lady like no other in many ways, not only is she fashionable, but she is intellectual and its funny how certain aspects of coverage tends to downplay this while highlighting the glamour girl image and comparing her to Jackie Kennedy.

Michelle Obama has little in common with Jackie truthfully, outside of both women married presidents, they both love fashion and set trends, and their children were always first priority. Beyond these basic comparisons these are two very different first ladies, and the world should embrace what each uniquely brings to the country and to the world.

February 26, 2009

A Nation Hopes With Uncertainty!

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Hope is the direction of the country as the President addresses the nation in one of the worst economic times ever faced.

As President Barack Obama assured all that better days are ahead,  and assuring the world that as a nation we will rise above the current economic disaster facing the country. His words were listened to and each word held onto by many Americans  facing crisis such as job loss and home foreclosures.

Right beside mainstreet is wall street which continues to wavers with stocks  declining while many of the nations largest banks struggle to stay afloat. Then there are the big three auto makers unsure of their future, yet the president gave hope as he spoke of the United States as  the country that invented the automobile therefore they too will rise to the occasion.

Optimism and hope are words we hang on too, the small business owners around the country seeing doom as they see larger stronger companies dismantle. Hope is a word which encourages us to hold on because something better is ahead, this attitude is the fiber of the country.

It seemed like only yesterday when all of the word was normal. Families able to pay for homes, jobs available, industry moving as if there were a future somewhat secured. Those days are not today, and hope is what the country needs, along with something tangible at the end of a dark tunnel.

As the nation hopes and works with a president burdened with the woes of many, they feel the pain which has not lessened. They see the hope of a future that must be brighter in order to sustain sanity of the man working to feed his family, and the mother struggling to feed her children.

As we look to a stronger economy and hope for a better future we also see hope in education and health care, the presidents message was inspiring and hopeful addressing the concerns of the country. Yet, a little bit of America remains uncertain.

The next step is for mainstreet to feel relief and get back to work, and for wallstreet to once again trust in our markets and be accountable as major forces of power that can crumble the economy with greed and failure to be responsible. People will return to what was once known as normal and as always the market will re adjust itself in time, the question remains how much devastation will take place during the process. 

The presidents strength and confidence allows many to hold on in belief that “that day” will eventually arrive and once again the reality of the dream to prosper will be the light shinning that guides many to our country on faith and hope.

February 16, 2009

Burris…Blago..say it isn’t so for Chicago

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Roland Burris as Illinois Senator seemed like the right thing to do, but questions today swarm around his sudden revelation of being asked by Blagojevich’s brother to donate money to the former governor’s campaign.

Once again the Chicago political circle is looking notorious as Burris is in question as to his truthfulness in answering questions about his knowledge of three request from the governors brother about campaign contributions. Burris was appointed by the governor to fill the senate seat vacated by Barack Obama, he had undergone scrutiny by the senate as well as local politicians opposing his appointment.

Following his appointment Burris headed to the Senate seeking confirmation only to be turned away, he made clear his intentions to seek justice from the senate refusing to acknowledge his appointment due to Governor Blagojevich’s political challenges in Chicago. After consideration the senate agreed to seat Burris, but also noted he needed to be clear of any affiliation to the governor’s current scandal. That was then.

We’ll its no surprise that a tangled web continues to tangle itself instead of unraveling and straighten out, the latter action would require compromise and a setting aside of ego’s and power for the good of the people. Burris set his self up for a challenge accepting the nomination and was obviously well prepared to fight for his right to serve as Illinois Junior Senator. The question remains did he mislead the people and intentionally leave out the information of conversations with the governors brother which would have raised questions due to the current scandal?

An omission, mistake or lie however its put would once again cause the citizens to suffer and make the senate look as if they didn’t do such a good job checking out the candidate. On the other hand was it legal to omit information not requested directly, probably so, yet the omission does not assist with moral or ethics when it comes to the citizens of Illinois.

Blagojevich it appeared made a perfect choice selecting someone well qualified to serve, a one time opponent and most importantly he was thought to not have a number given to his name as someone potentially involved or named in the play for pay scandal.

However the recent development questions once again truth and ethics. Burris say’s he answered all questions asked truthfully; maybe a technicality occurred in answering the correct question in delivering a truthful answer. Either way he is currently in the seat representing Illinois and a cloud of doom lingers as his credibility is questioned as many are now wondering what he knew about the alleged allegations of pay to play involving Blagojevich.

Burris said in a news conference to reporters that he did not accept or pay out any money to the governor’s campaign. The problem with that answer is that all of the initial candidates in question for the seat could have accurately made the same claim. No one actually paid for a seat or made any donations to the governor’s campaign.

February 9, 2009

Jennifer Hudson’s delivers emotional performance!

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Jennifer Hudson delivered an amazing heart felt performance during last nights Gammy Awards presentation.
Hudson snagged a Grammy of her own for her latest self titled CD, and performed a song which ultimately brought tears to her eyes. “You pulled me through” was her song selection, and Hudson thanked her family with her and those up in heaven.
She is an amazing woman that has shown the world how to cope and overcome adversity. Fans and friends have prayed for the actress following the tragedy late last year which took the life of three of her family members. Hudson  time off to be with her family and privately mourn. Hudson also performed the national anthem during the super bowl, this was her first public performance which preceded the grammys last night.
Friends and fans were happy to see her out sharing her talents and wish her the best as all continues an amazing career.

February 5, 2009

Singer Etta James unhappy with Beyonce!

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Beyonce Knowles is by far the most applauded female singer today, but most would understand why legendary singer Etta James was upset that Knowles performed a rendition of her most popular song “At Last for the historical dance of President and Mrs. Obama during the Inauguration’s Neighborhood Ball.

Etta James 71 is an icon and history maker who endured levels of sacrifice that a young artist like Knowles could never even began to understand. It is a natural understanding that James would expect a certain level of respect as the woman responsible for a song which has stood the test of time through generations as a popular love song and in some case wedding anthem. This could have been avoided if someone either in the planning department or from Knowles management reached out to James and informed her that her song would serenade the first couple.

“At Last” was obviously a song with great sentiment to the first couple and my guest is that it was the original rendition that attracted them to the song and not the recent re-make performed by Knowles which was well executed according to her talent and personal interpretation of the ballad. However the original version of the song still delivers from a depth a young artist could have never achieved, this has nothing to do with talent, its about life experiences from an era that no longer exist, and life experiences of a woman living through that era beginning in the 50’s and delivering a beautiful song from her own pains, joys and definitions.

Knowles also will become a historical woman having paved a way through her numerous success, but that one built on the song “At Last” belonged to James and it is unfortunate that she was not allowed to perform the song for the first couple. Knowles could have performed as well, just one of her own songs and not that of an icon still around and able to sing her own song to the first couple.

In all fairness this was probably an over site where the song was selected and because Knowles is so recognized as one of today’s most popular artist it was she that was asked to perform for the first couple and James may not even have been thought of because she has been out of the public light for sometime. Even with this said industry persons such as in the Knowles camp were well aware that Knowles just portrayed James in a movie which she received pretty good reviews, and the role played would not have existed for her acting star to shine without James having created a life story to have such historical value today.

As for James she owns the song in talent even though she does not have official ownership as a songwriter, which technically her permission was never needed, but when it comes to history there is a certain amount of responsibility, even rappers reach out to artist seeking personal permission before sampling certain songs of legendary singers, their rap and hip hop music recordings. As this is black history month this is a good time to say it and hopefully artist will respect those that came before them in this industry enough to consider the work, the journey of that artist and find an amicable way to blend your talents with someone else’s ownership of personal brand.

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