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September 16, 2009

Simpson’s Ex wants to tell all!

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Christine Prody the Ex girlfriend of O J Simpson has a need to tell all after a long term relationship with a man she knew had been accused of allegedly murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

Let’s get this straight, she is terrified of Simpson, yet she dated him knowing his history. Regardless of the fact Simpson was found innocent he had been on trial and most women would see this as a red flag, Proceed with caution if you must. Yet its difficult to find a reason that would lead one to enter into a relationship with Simpson at that time unless the big picture of potential money from telling your story was the motivation in the first place.

Not one that is a Simpson fan, but women like Prody who make unusual choices in dating men accused of murder have to know that there is only one reason for a relationship with someone with Simpson and it had to be a long term goal to benefit. Funny, he had to go to jail in order for her fear to kick in and want to tell all. Please.

Obviously this is a trend with high profile murder cases, because Drew Peterson also had no problem in the world of dating after reports that he allegedly killed his second and third wife. Most people have a difficult time finding the romance when the potential for the person you love to do harm is so high.
Dating men that are accused of murder may not be the best life choice, and those that do probably need to tell all to a therapist prior to getting into this type of relationship


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