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February 26, 2009

A Nation Hopes With Uncertainty!

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Hope is the direction of the country as the President addresses the nation in one of the worst economic times ever faced.

As President Barack Obama assured all that better days are ahead,  and assuring the world that as a nation we will rise above the current economic disaster facing the country. His words were listened to and each word held onto by many Americans  facing crisis such as job loss and home foreclosures.

Right beside mainstreet is wall street which continues to wavers with stocks  declining while many of the nations largest banks struggle to stay afloat. Then there are the big three auto makers unsure of their future, yet the president gave hope as he spoke of the United States as  the country that invented the automobile therefore they too will rise to the occasion.

Optimism and hope are words we hang on too, the small business owners around the country seeing doom as they see larger stronger companies dismantle. Hope is a word which encourages us to hold on because something better is ahead, this attitude is the fiber of the country.

It seemed like only yesterday when all of the word was normal. Families able to pay for homes, jobs available, industry moving as if there were a future somewhat secured. Those days are not today, and hope is what the country needs, along with something tangible at the end of a dark tunnel.

As the nation hopes and works with a president burdened with the woes of many, they feel the pain which has not lessened. They see the hope of a future that must be brighter in order to sustain sanity of the man working to feed his family, and the mother struggling to feed her children.

As we look to a stronger economy and hope for a better future we also see hope in education and health care, the presidents message was inspiring and hopeful addressing the concerns of the country. Yet, a little bit of America remains uncertain.

The next step is for mainstreet to feel relief and get back to work, and for wallstreet to once again trust in our markets and be accountable as major forces of power that can crumble the economy with greed and failure to be responsible. People will return to what was once known as normal and as always the market will re adjust itself in time, the question remains how much devastation will take place during the process. 

The presidents strength and confidence allows many to hold on in belief that “that day” will eventually arrive and once again the reality of the dream to prosper will be the light shinning that guides many to our country on faith and hope.


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  1. Hi there Dee,

    You mean to tell me that Electronic Village just announced you today and I am not seeing a new post! *grins*

    Welcome to The Afrospear, my sista! {raised black glove}

    Peace, blessings and godliness,

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