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February 26, 2009

A Nation Hopes With Uncertainty!

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Hope is the direction of the country as the President addresses the nation in one of the worst economic times ever faced.

As President Barack Obama assured all that better days are ahead,  and assuring the world that as a nation we will rise above the current economic disaster facing the country. His words were listened to and each word held onto by many Americans  facing crisis such as job loss and home foreclosures.

Right beside mainstreet is wall street which continues to wavers with stocks  declining while many of the nations largest banks struggle to stay afloat. Then there are the big three auto makers unsure of their future, yet the president gave hope as he spoke of the United States as  the country that invented the automobile therefore they too will rise to the occasion.

Optimism and hope are words we hang on too, the small business owners around the country seeing doom as they see larger stronger companies dismantle. Hope is a word which encourages us to hold on because something better is ahead, this attitude is the fiber of the country.

It seemed like only yesterday when all of the word was normal. Families able to pay for homes, jobs available, industry moving as if there were a future somewhat secured. Those days are not today, and hope is what the country needs, along with something tangible at the end of a dark tunnel.

As the nation hopes and works with a president burdened with the woes of many, they feel the pain which has not lessened. They see the hope of a future that must be brighter in order to sustain sanity of the man working to feed his family, and the mother struggling to feed her children.

As we look to a stronger economy and hope for a better future we also see hope in education and health care, the presidents message was inspiring and hopeful addressing the concerns of the country. Yet, a little bit of America remains uncertain.

The next step is for mainstreet to feel relief and get back to work, and for wallstreet to once again trust in our markets and be accountable as major forces of power that can crumble the economy with greed and failure to be responsible. People will return to what was once known as normal and as always the market will re adjust itself in time, the question remains how much devastation will take place during the process. 

The presidents strength and confidence allows many to hold on in belief that “that day” will eventually arrive and once again the reality of the dream to prosper will be the light shinning that guides many to our country on faith and hope.


December 10, 2008

Jesse Jackson Jr. in Blago’s Senate Web

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Chicago politics continue to weave a web of curiosity, and today reports were that the candidate referred as number five by Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.

It had been know that Jackson had an interest in the vacant Illinois Senate seat vacted by president elect Barack Obama as he openly made his bid in earlier talks and interviews.

Jackson also served as one of Obama’s Co-Chairs in Illinois for his presidential campaign. In reports of the Governors taped conversations it was implied that candidate number five would be moved up in rank if the governor didn’t get what he wanted from the deal which included his wife being placed on boards to earn an additional $150,000 per year which was said would help him through completing his term as Governor. Also the implication is that candidate number five was not high on the Obama’s administrations list of persons to fill his vacant senate seat. Candidate number one was thought to be Valerie Jarrett who removed herself from the list, and was later appointed to a position in the Obama’ Administration.

Jackson met with the Governor earlier to discuss his desire to have the senate seat. Today during a news report he told news reporters he had done nothing wrong and was named as a suspect in any of the charges. He also said this is good for the people of Illinois and would put a long overdue stop to the corruption in Illinois.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Arrested!

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Chicago is no doubt on of the most watched cities in the world, and all eyes continue to focus on the city, this time its on Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich who was arrested in his home this morning, and wearing a jogging suit taken out by federal investigators on charges of corruption.

The Governors conversations at his office and home were being taped due to an ongoing investigation according to city officials. There were other allegations including his holding up of 8 million dollars in funding for a children’s hospital in Illinois. Also there was a report that he was attempting to sale the president elects former senate seat to the highest bidder, or maybe even appoint himself and run for presidency in 2013. Blagojevich hoped to have his wife placed on boards which could garner her as much as $150,000 per year according to US Attorney’s office.

This is not new news in Chicago where the investigation has been ongoing for years against the governor, but the recent incident rally makes one wonder what one could be thinking about, if it’s all true what would make the Governor continue such actions knowing he had been under investigation since 2003. He was interviewed several days earlier where he jokes saying that anyone wanting to tape his conversations just give him a heads uo and let him know. Well they surely took him up on the offer to tape and woke him at 6am Tuesday to take a ride downtown.

There were also reports that he had spoke to someone from Obama’s office and he was irritated when a request for an appointment by him would be rewarded with appreciation, he frowned on it not being exactly what he was looking for in return. He was looking into a possible appointment or Ambassadorship as a reward possibly according to the Attorneys office report. Chicago is getting every type of coverage imaginable these days, from murder capital of the world, and once again the ethical questioning of the city’s political scene.

Obama said he had not had any direct contact with the Governor regarding appointment and said an earlier statement by one of his representatives was incorrect stating the two had spoke. Attorney General Lisa Madigan said she was calling for Blagojevich to resign and she had intentions to pursue the matter. The Governor was released from custody and had returned home, at the present there are reports that he would not resign.

The States Attorneys office felt it important to bring the mater to surface now and by arresting the Governor out of fear with so many requests on his desk and the possibility of an appointment being made by him in selection of Obama’s replacement to the vacant senate seat.

November 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton…Obama’s Choice for Secretary of State!

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The Senator from New York and former First Lady Hillary Clinton could become the next woman in the position as Secretary of State, she is President Elect Barrack Obama’s pick for the third highest office within his administration.


The nation is anticipating Obama’s cabinet selections almost as much as his own election mostly because as the President Elect continues to build his staff many are watching his choices closely, thinking that they will offer a glimpse as to what type of presidency he will operate once he is seated in office next month. Clinton is a powerful woman able to bring a wealth of information and respect to the cabinet, and while some agree, others think she is a poor choice due to the baggage she brings as a wife to a former president and her aggressive campaigning against Obama early in the election process.


Thus far most of his choices have been favored and with the selection of Clinton as Secretary of State many of her 18 million supporters she gained during her campaign may be at least a little happier with the in coming president for acknowledging their woman whom many felt strongly was the better candidate. Although a good number of those supporters united with team Obama, it was greatly due to the amazing job Clinton did reaching out to her supporters on his behalf. She went over and beyond her duty in support of Obama. This is probably why her selection is good, she can stand up to the toughest of opponents, yet gracefully retreat, while still holding a huge amount of power with voters and her peers. The election process can seat a president, but what Clinton has can only be obtained through years of service as first lady and her additional eight years in the U.S Senate.


In offering her this post Obama truly is a great politician, he understands and respects the teamwork effect, and in this selection shows his understanding of how important Clinton is to the Democratic Party and to women who supported her loyally. These women voters were in it until the end, and in no way are they fair weather supporters of Clinton. It was a tough campaign for the two candidates, but as true professionals they both came out as winners.


Hillary is one of the most admired and respected female politicians of our time and with her experience and relationships will serve his administration, some complain about the Clinton’s again being tied to the White House, but as the record shows the Country was doing far better than at the present. The Clinton legacy is a strong one which comes with a built in power base, this in itself helps Obama to govern stronger as a leader able to rely heavily on appointments of the best and brightest to serve within is cabinet. Although some complain that he is not offering much change, they fail to look at the serious situation the Country is in, it would not be very smart for an incoming president to appoint a team of inexperienced cabinet members during a time when contacts, experience and the ability to get the job done will determine our economic and global future.


With many attempts to study his reasoning in the selection process of his team, it’s his ability to truly reach across the board by bringing in those in and out of his circle and personal comfort space. This is a needed ability for any successful and especially a great leader to have as a trait. Some are amazed at the president elect’s appointments of adversaries as his cabinet members, but he has studied previous leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, picking up points from past leaders working in and out of a personal comfort zone to lead a nation successfully. He is also wise enough to understand he needs great people around him in this most difficult time, and he is from day one preparing to protect his own legacy which again shows his wisdom and intellect, he leads through thought and is willing to work with others and seek help from familiar places as well as those he may not appear to be completely comfortable with personally.




November 19, 2008

African American Eric Holder Obama’s pick for Attorney General

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President Elect Barack Obama stays true to his word of bringing diversity within his staff, this week he continues to make history with the selection of Eric Holder to serve in his administration as the country’s first African American  Attorney General.


Holder served as a senior legal advisor during the presidential campaign, he also served as one of three members on Obama’s vice presidential selection committee. Following the election he stayed on as a senior legal advisor. Holder is no stranger to the world of politics, having served previously as superior court judge in Washington DC. He later landed an appointment during the Clinton Administration serving as the first African American to the US Attorney office. He later served in another high position as Deputy Attorney General. Upon leaving his post as Deputy Attorney General he returned to private practice in a law firm.


Holder was born in New York the Bronx; he attended Columbia University and later received his law degree from Columbia Law School. Holder is well exposed to most areas of law from serving right out of college with the NAACP legal defense and educational fund during a summer to receiving appointments from Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.


Holder will be first once again, this time as the first African American Attorney General; he joins the ranks of two other high ranking blacks serving in a presidential cabinet, former Secretary of State General Colin Powell and his successor Condoleezza Rice, both members of the Republican Party coming in under the bush administration.


Hillary Clinton is said to be a candidate for the post of Secretary of State, with her appointment and that of Holder as Attorney General, the president Elect is staying true to his speech where he said his cabinet would look as diverse as the Country. Change is happening as promised, even with familiar faces being promoted to higher places.





November 3, 2008

Obama’s 86 year old grandmother dies!

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U S presidential candidate Barack Obama’s grandmother Madelyn Dunham 86 has died according to news reports. The candidate left his campaign trail early last month to visit his ill grandmother in Hawaii, he had missed the opportunity to be there for his mother, and vowed he would be there for his grandmother. He did just that, and was able to spend a few days with Dunham.


Obama spoke of his grandmother during his entire campaign, and specifically during several of his campaign speeches. He spoke of her strength and how she helped to mold him as a young man. Dunham had cancer and was reportedly not doing well when the candidate made the decision to leave his campaign trail last month.


Announcing her death today Obama said “she was the corner stone of our family, and a woman of extraordinary accomplishment strength and humility.” The senator went on to add “she was the person who encouraged and allowed us to take chances.”


The family thanked those offering condolences and asked in lieu of flowers that donations be made to any cancer prevention organization of choice. Dunham was a private woman according to family and they will honor her wishes with a private service at a later date according to a released statement.


November 2, 2008

Obama’s Grant Park celebration in My Kinda Town…Chicago!

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Chicago’s famous Grant Park city playground plans for what could be its biggest historical event ever, as the city gets ready for its election night celebration for home town Senator of Illinois Barack Obama.


Residents in Chicago are familiar with celebrating in this well know play field which host summer events such as the Taste of Chicago and both the Jazz and Blues Festivals which draw large crowds from within and outside of the city. It’s no surprise to Chicago insiders that Obama would pick such a place to celebrate because it insures many who have supported him have a chance to take part in the celebration.


A huge outdoor location known for bringing all Chicagoans together each summer in celebration of the city’s fine arts and entertainment. Events held in Grant Park showcase’s the city’s culture and diversity, which is fitting for an Obama celebration to include all of his supporters.  


Tickets were distributed last week, the campaign allowed for 70,000 to attend, and in two days they were gone according to the campaign. Those with tickets will celebrate inside a secured area. Nothing fancy, no alcohol, bags and those attending will be required to show identification. The city also expects some without tickets will attend filling up the areas outside the reserved areas within Grant Park.  


The city’s security is in place for the day, all Chicago police will be on duty Tuesday, and Chicago firefighters have been informed to take gear home in the event they are called to respond in an emergency. There were also some reports of security concerns regarding Obama’s safety with this type of outdoor venue, but additional reports say the security measures are well in place for the city and Obama.



Mayor Richard Daley is in on the celebration saying he would also invite people down as he added “This is a celebration. The mayor had previously joked with reporters saying he could not say no to Obama about holding the event in the famous Grant Park location. City leaders and pastors have put word out for citizens attending to be well behaved as security is strict, they also encouraged those without tickets to celebrate at home or in their neighborhood. Although the city expects many will want to be in attendance for this historical night with or without tickets.


In addition to the official celebration party in Grant Park, many of Chicago’s known event planners are taking full advantage of the festive mood and making plans to host their own Obama celebration party’s Tuesday night at a number of restaurants and hotels in the city. This election night in Chicago guarentees Obama supporters there will not be a shortage of places to celebrate the candidates night in his city.



There are also reports that Obama’s campaign will spend somewhere around 2 million dollars to host what has become the peoples party in Chicago’s famous Grant Park.  

October 26, 2008

Republican Brad Blakeman blast Obama’s visit to sick grandma!

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The recent outrageous statement made by Republican Strategist Brad Blakeman unveiled his lack of sentiment toward Barack Obama’s decision to leave the campaign trail heading to Hawaii to visit his seriously ill grandmother Madelyn Dunham.


Blakeman’s recent complaint of Obama leaving the campaign trail to be at the bedside of his critically ill grandmother is another all time low attack from a republican strategist. He went on to argue that the senator should have carried his bags onto a commercial flight instead of using his 767 Jet plane. What fantasy was he in thinking that a candidate under such threats and attacks should board a commercial flight, especially while lose cannons as him exist encouraging anger toward the candidate with lies of terrorist affiliations and other ridiculous statements. His rudeness and obvious insensitivity is not shocking, but instead clearly displays his lack of substance, and obviously not one concerned about ill loved ones, hope his family knows where he would be in the event one of them were ill.


Obama is a human being, a person first and candidate second, his family was important and will remain so, who is Blakeman to question if he should go, when, or in what manner he should travel. Obama’s obligation to family matters is his own business and not that of this campaign Regardless of party, family obligation of urgent matters should be at the top of a candidate’s priority list, and thankfully most reasonable Americans can agree or at least respect the visit as being important.


What type of person would even attack such a visit placing it in question, and even more outrageous compare a visit to one’s ill grandmother to a shopping expenditure of 150,000 dollars spent on Governor Sarah Palin? The direction taken by many opposing Obama is questionable to say the least. Never in defense of political platforms or views, whispering about the economy, but shouting about terrorist, preachers, and visits to grandmothers.


Adding insult to injury in his statement Blakeman referred to the senator’s grandmother as grandma, a term of endearment, which is in question in his usage. The lack of respect is overwhelming to watch concerning Obama in this campaign. The common decency element seems to not apply to him as a candidate for some critiques. And this is a poor reflection of professionals displaying such outwardly dismissive behavior which has done nothing but fuel supporters to fight harder for this candidate as he brushes it all off, as this race nears end the attacks become more and more personal and damaging to the Country as a whole.


October 17, 2008


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The Chaffey Community Republicans Women hit an all time low depicting an image of presidential candidate Barack Obama on a phony $10 dollar bill with non other than African American stereotyped images of a bucket of fried chicken, a watermelon and ribs.

 The insult is not as much in the act; it is instead in the justification by denial of the group’s president Diane Fedele that it was racist. Amazingly she though it would be a good way to focus on a comment Obama made early in his campaign that he being an African American didn’t look like the past president which had appeared on dollar bills in our country. Well, I personally find that hard to digest and believe her intent was to use race as a negative aspect of Obama as a candidate and get a laugh at his expense from her group of like minded friends. The act was shameful and shows her character and the obvious sense of values she hold so very high.

 The images posted showing Obama face on a donkey’s body labeled as a United States Food Stamp is not what the senator from Illinois meant when he expressed himself as different, however Fedele was surely aware of this fact when she wrote in text if Obama was to become president his picture would appear on a Food Stamp.

The excuse used in defense of her non racist position that she once voted for Republican Alan Keys is also not an excuse for the act. Racism takes on many forms and is displayed in many ways, and never can it justified. Maybe she should ask Keyes if he found it humorous, better yet if he would consider using it as a platform in his next run for public office as her candidate of choice. Another person she may want to speak with is African American Republican group member Sheila Raines who also took offense to the images, and said these tpes of acts may be another reason which prevents African Americans from joining the party.  Well she may be right, why would one join a group showing this type of a racist act.

As an African American woman who has been first in attending a high school in suburban Chicago and as the only journalist of color at a suburban newspaper organization, and as the only black family on the block in a northwestern suburban Chicago suburb at one point, let me say that your remarks had they been expressed by my suburban welcoming committee I would have understood clearly not to expect any invitations to the social gatherings in the future. The upside here is that at least you are upfront about your feelings, but maybe the other black republicans should all get the memo on where you stand, never hurst to get a heads up or little FYI.

The actions taken are the very reasons the country steps back a few feet into racism as we attempt to move forward toward  reaching  a  point where race does not matter. The upside is that while the images presented by this group are ignorant and unacceptable, there are many people capable of tolerance and others who truly believe in equality for all Americans regardless of race, creed or color.

The lesson for all would be to think prior to creating a racially hostile environment with words and actions which could potentially poison all, including your own agenda, family, friends but most importantly your reputation and that of others you may harm. While racism has improved over time, it still exist on some level and many African Americans struggle daily to overcome the hurdles presented, and as long as this is a fact in our Country racist acts and images will not and should not be tolerated or taken lightly. Most Americans prefer racial harmony over division ,and fight to bridge the gap, not increase the line of racial division.







October 15, 2008

Barack Obama is Country First..The Sacrafice!

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The office of president is the highest office in our Country, yet it is being disrespected in the 2008 election with the inclusion of racism, hate and character attacks along with some of the most vicious lies attacking both Barack Obama and wife Michelle.


As the race to the White House nears, the attacks are more ferocious and coming from within the states and abroad from places as far away as Africa. The most recent un verified attack calls into question Obama’s citizenship requesting a showing of his birth certificate. There were further complaints reported that Michelle Obama called the news organization in defense of her husband concerning allegations of where he was born.


It’s difficult to understand what is going on in American and some other parts of the world when it comes to Obama. Not only is there the fight here in the states, but Africa too. There are without doubt deep feelings motivating supporters and non supporters of Obama’s candidacy. The real problem is fairness, why are there so many attacks against this man that are so far removed from facts related to policy and issues on economic and world affairs during a time when our economy has spiraled out of control?


In the fight for justice why have Americans not called for justice in demand of accountability for the biggest disaster in history on Wall Street?  Here we have Individuals walking away with millions, even billons while average citizens suffer, this should make people angry. Instead the focus is on Obama being everything but American on paper and in heart. I find this astonishing to believe in our great Country a man running for the highest office would receive this type of treatment at home, it is expected from other countries, but not here in the United States of American.


Where will this end? Possibly with the next president entering into office bruised in some way because the realities of his journey to the White House will include both a fight for and with the people. This is a fight not just about party, but inclusive of racial divide, religious hatred, and social dysfunctions in our Country. The day the senator stood on the steps in Springfield Illinois and announced his candidacy was probably the day he though the Country had changed and was ready and open to the possibilities he wanted to bring as president. Today he knows intellect, strength and character overrides ignorance, hate and entitlement and he must work to build better relations with all people in the world, in the end he will be a better man from the adversity, history supports the position.


Michelle is not running for office, she supports her husband and children as a wife should. However she has been called un-American, angry and some have implied she too has something to hide. Most candidates’ wives have the luxury of looking good, standing behind their husbands with a smile while remaining unnoticed. Not this candidate’s wife, every word, action right down to that fist bump at the acceptance speech is looked upon for a reason to find her militant. The joke remains that a militant black woman does not attend an Ivy League school for earning those credentials for acceptance into the militant black women’s club, a fictions organization, by the way.  Michelle is a decent woman who loves her husband, children, family and Country. Her agreeing to support her husband is evident, as she gives him up to the Country. That is a woman’s highest level of sacrifice. No presidential candidate in history has made a greater sacrifice of himself and family running for office than has Barack Obama. Like him or not he is of great substance, courage and character.  




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