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February 16, 2009

Burris…Blago..say it isn’t so for Chicago

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Roland Burris as Illinois Senator seemed like the right thing to do, but questions today swarm around his sudden revelation of being asked by Blagojevich’s brother to donate money to the former governor’s campaign.

Once again the Chicago political circle is looking notorious as Burris is in question as to his truthfulness in answering questions about his knowledge of three request from the governors brother about campaign contributions. Burris was appointed by the governor to fill the senate seat vacated by Barack Obama, he had undergone scrutiny by the senate as well as local politicians opposing his appointment.

Following his appointment Burris headed to the Senate seeking confirmation only to be turned away, he made clear his intentions to seek justice from the senate refusing to acknowledge his appointment due to Governor Blagojevich’s political challenges in Chicago. After consideration the senate agreed to seat Burris, but also noted he needed to be clear of any affiliation to the governor’s current scandal. That was then.

We’ll its no surprise that a tangled web continues to tangle itself instead of unraveling and straighten out, the latter action would require compromise and a setting aside of ego’s and power for the good of the people. Burris set his self up for a challenge accepting the nomination and was obviously well prepared to fight for his right to serve as Illinois Junior Senator. The question remains did he mislead the people and intentionally leave out the information of conversations with the governors brother which would have raised questions due to the current scandal?

An omission, mistake or lie however its put would once again cause the citizens to suffer and make the senate look as if they didn’t do such a good job checking out the candidate. On the other hand was it legal to omit information not requested directly, probably so, yet the omission does not assist with moral or ethics when it comes to the citizens of Illinois.

Blagojevich it appeared made a perfect choice selecting someone well qualified to serve, a one time opponent and most importantly he was thought to not have a number given to his name as someone potentially involved or named in the play for pay scandal.

However the recent development questions once again truth and ethics. Burris say’s he answered all questions asked truthfully; maybe a technicality occurred in answering the correct question in delivering a truthful answer. Either way he is currently in the seat representing Illinois and a cloud of doom lingers as his credibility is questioned as many are now wondering what he knew about the alleged allegations of pay to play involving Blagojevich.

Burris said in a news conference to reporters that he did not accept or pay out any money to the governor’s campaign. The problem with that answer is that all of the initial candidates in question for the seat could have accurately made the same claim. No one actually paid for a seat or made any donations to the governor’s campaign.


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