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November 22, 2009

Shaniya Davis, another child lost to violence

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There is a problem in our society when women are being abducted, raped and or murdered, even worst children are facing the same disgusting fate in alarming numbers as victims.

 There are often reports of child abduction and rape which is horrible and shouldn’t happen to any child. But in the case of little 5-year-old Shaniya Nicole Davis its her  mother who is said allegedly sold her 5-year-old daughter into sex slavery in order to pay off a drug debt according to news reports.

 This is where my understanding escapes me completely,  looking at a photo of Shaniya Nicole Davis warms the heart of a mother, father or anyone with humane emotions. So the though of such cruel acts like rape and murder makes one sick to the stomach and extremely difficult to grasp.

watching news clips of adult black male walk into a hotel holding a 5-year-old with possible intent to violate her is beyond belief. That vivid photo leads most to tell themselves something other than the fate of rape and death awaits this little girl. Thers is something about being human that won’t let any other thought compute.

What type of mother would allow such a thing? Animals are more protective of their young,  they instinctively guard them and will kill to protect a puppy, tiger or cub.

The basic instincts of a mother is to protect, yet today there must be something in the water, because mothers are sometimes minus the mommy gene. Yet many of these women choose to have babies, sometimes multiple in numbers which they fail to take care of properly.

Which is the case of this little girls mother who is also reported to be pregnant with another child by her current boyfriend, which  is scary if she had anything at all to do with the death and rape of her 5-year-old daughter.

What type of man could look at a little girl and harm her so viciously? There is no excuse and maybe our focus on understanding these crimes override the fact that someone is dead, and for the victims and family that’s final, nothing left to discuss on this important point.

 Shaniya was a beautiful little girl and there was a sparkle in her eyes in those photo’s. She was life for her those that loved her and a whole world of people who watched the news hoping for a positive outcome to this story.

The mother called 911 hysterically telling of a daughter escaping from the house as she repeatedly said the little girl could open the door. As a mother at 5am five-year olds are not as a rule up wondering the house to leave. They are usually frightened around that age. This was just one alarming part of listening to the tape, the other was her voice and tone going from hysterical to calm all throughout the conversation with the 911 operator. It doesn’t matter if she gave this child to someone or let them walk out the door with her in arms, she is responsible as the mother. Her responsibility  morally and legally was to provide for and protect her child.  

Someone has to answer for Shaniya’s  rape and murder and it should be all that took part in the act leading up to the brutal ending of a little girls laughter and her life.

There have been reports that the family has had police at the home of Shaniya’s mother in the past due to drugs. There are also reports that social services had also had been looking into the family.

Well, maybe they looked but a child is dead, and maybe police came, but a little girl name Shaniya Nicole Davis was failed by all  system’s in place to care for her, including her mother.  Sadly her story is not unique. 

 There is something wrong when women and children are violated repeatedly and nothing is being done to stop this type of violence which is rarely reported unless national news brings it forward. Maybe crimes against women and children have to become an important part of  the law carrying sentences that at least will make a criminal think twice.

The current laws for crimes against women and children allow for little tim served in most cases, and its that perception we give to the public which fuels these types of crimes as something less than a criminal act. Rapes are not reported by news and under reported by victims. That say’s something about the hierarchy, only with recent national cable news shows has heavy attention gone to crimes against women and children.


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