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April 6, 2009

Michelle O is Not Jackie O!

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America seemed to have more to say about a touch of affection between First Lady Michelle Obama and The Queen of England than the Europeans, who by the way saw it for the most part as fascinating.

In America it seemed to be an opportunity to showcase the first lady as lacking etiquette in a foreign country. This is surprising mainly because in this country we often touch as a way of endearing ourselves to others in conversation.

The fascination with the Obama’s is a little maddening, they are after all just people, not from another planet. A touch became world news and received equal coverage to the unemployment rates which were also announced, but quickly ended to give way to more analysts discussing the First Lady and the touch of Queen Elizabeth who responded with a like gesture to the First Lady.

The Queen didn’t show signs of displeasure and her staff delivered a favorable comment on the matter, but here in America that wasn’t enough, instead we have to seek fault in a visit with a new First Lady who apparently felt at ease and comfortable with her meeting with the Queen, and that led her to reach out in an expression of kindness with a gently touch.

More pressing issues are on our world agenda, like the actual meetings of the president with foreign leaders in order to correct the spiraling economy. The First lady is more than capable of serving her duties; after all she is more than eye candy for the president. With degrees from Princeton and Harvard some of the discussions concerning her are not well thought out by professionals.

This is a first lady like no other in many ways, not only is she fashionable, but she is intellectual and its funny how certain aspects of coverage tends to downplay this while highlighting the glamour girl image and comparing her to Jackie Kennedy.

Michelle Obama has little in common with Jackie truthfully, outside of both women married presidents, they both love fashion and set trends, and their children were always first priority. Beyond these basic comparisons these are two very different first ladies, and the world should embrace what each uniquely brings to the country and to the world.


November 11, 2008

The Obama’s visit the white house.

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America’s new first African American president, elect Barack Obama and Michelle Obama visited the White House for the first time today, the couple toured their soon to be new home and had transitional meeting with President George Bush and first lady Laura Bush.


There is no doubt the Obama’s are welcome in their new home state as residents lined along the street as the car drove toward the white house where on lookers cheered and peeked into the gates trying to get a look at the future new first couple.


The two families presented the traditional photo opportunities for photographers, followed by Bush and Obama strolling the white house grounds as they headed for the oval office where the men discussed the transfer of power, a right of passage where the current president extends himself to his newly elected successor. The two men discussed both domestic and international affairs. With an ongoing war, and the country in economic crisis this could be one of the most important meetings in our history of the presidency.


First lady Laura Bush took Michelle Obama on a tour of the home and showed her where she and the family would reside in private quarters. The two women discussed children, schools and staff. The current first lady gave her an overview of what life is like in the white house. The home even allows for the new family to bring furnishings from home to be used in the private quarters. Laura Bush has plenty of experience after all her daughters were both children growing up in the white house,


The Obama family is being compared to the Kennedy’s, another young couple with small children residing in the white house during what’s known as the Camelot years. The meeting was friendly according to President Bush. The Obama’s spent a two hours at the white house with the president and first lady. Following the meeting Obama headed back to Chicago while Michelle stayed behind to check into schools for the girls.



October 23, 2008

Palin’s Road to Pennsylvania Av. (Fashion)

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The McCain campaign did not have to spend 150,000 on Governor Sarah Palin’s wardrobe, and the women defending these expenses are only serving self interest and not that of everyday Americans.


Various women in television media are justifying the extravagant spending by the McCain/ Palin campaign on clothing, hair and make-up. Supporting and defending that as a woman she has to look good on camera. One commentator said women are judged so harshly on how they look. Well, maybe these women are feeding into their own egos because many women manage to achieve this goal daily, both in media and executive positions.  


Hillary Clinton was used as an example noting how she was treated during the campaign, well her clothing; make up and hair didn’t have a thing to do with the outcome of her candidacy. There is a difference between her gender and her style, and to compare Clinton and Palin in the same topic area is chilling. Clinton is respected for her brains and classic style, no matter what you dress Palin in she looks good, but push the elevator button and see how long you wait.


Michelle Obama on the other hand has set a great example on how to wear great outfits, some right off the department store racks without breaking the bank. She dresses elegantly based on the event, and is actually far more relatable to the average woman and mother in her casual dress style.


What these women defending the expense of 150,000 forget, is that people are too busy dealing with the current economic disaster to deal with fashion do’s and don’ts of the privileged few thriving in this market. Dear television host, of course there will be a  few people not liking your hair or outfit, maybe they too have money to spend like the McCain Palin campaign, or just poor taste. Life is too difficult right now, don’t sweat the small stuff. Looking good is an art and a matter of style, not the size of ones budget.  


 What are people thinking about? The truth,  the money is there to spend, and the choice was made to spend it because somebody heard voices in their head that said if we dress her a certain way people will be more receptive. Those defending the expense show me the stats that Palin’s numbers are raised due to beautiful clothes and hair style. Is her new hot fashion look the ticket to Pennsylvania Av.?



October 15, 2008

Barack Obama is Country First..The Sacrafice!

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The office of president is the highest office in our Country, yet it is being disrespected in the 2008 election with the inclusion of racism, hate and character attacks along with some of the most vicious lies attacking both Barack Obama and wife Michelle.


As the race to the White House nears, the attacks are more ferocious and coming from within the states and abroad from places as far away as Africa. The most recent un verified attack calls into question Obama’s citizenship requesting a showing of his birth certificate. There were further complaints reported that Michelle Obama called the news organization in defense of her husband concerning allegations of where he was born.


It’s difficult to understand what is going on in American and some other parts of the world when it comes to Obama. Not only is there the fight here in the states, but Africa too. There are without doubt deep feelings motivating supporters and non supporters of Obama’s candidacy. The real problem is fairness, why are there so many attacks against this man that are so far removed from facts related to policy and issues on economic and world affairs during a time when our economy has spiraled out of control?


In the fight for justice why have Americans not called for justice in demand of accountability for the biggest disaster in history on Wall Street?  Here we have Individuals walking away with millions, even billons while average citizens suffer, this should make people angry. Instead the focus is on Obama being everything but American on paper and in heart. I find this astonishing to believe in our great Country a man running for the highest office would receive this type of treatment at home, it is expected from other countries, but not here in the United States of American.


Where will this end? Possibly with the next president entering into office bruised in some way because the realities of his journey to the White House will include both a fight for and with the people. This is a fight not just about party, but inclusive of racial divide, religious hatred, and social dysfunctions in our Country. The day the senator stood on the steps in Springfield Illinois and announced his candidacy was probably the day he though the Country had changed and was ready and open to the possibilities he wanted to bring as president. Today he knows intellect, strength and character overrides ignorance, hate and entitlement and he must work to build better relations with all people in the world, in the end he will be a better man from the adversity, history supports the position.


Michelle is not running for office, she supports her husband and children as a wife should. However she has been called un-American, angry and some have implied she too has something to hide. Most candidates’ wives have the luxury of looking good, standing behind their husbands with a smile while remaining unnoticed. Not this candidate’s wife, every word, action right down to that fist bump at the acceptance speech is looked upon for a reason to find her militant. The joke remains that a militant black woman does not attend an Ivy League school for earning those credentials for acceptance into the militant black women’s club, a fictions organization, by the way.  Michelle is a decent woman who loves her husband, children, family and Country. Her agreeing to support her husband is evident, as she gives him up to the Country. That is a woman’s highest level of sacrifice. No presidential candidate in history has made a greater sacrifice of himself and family running for office than has Barack Obama. Like him or not he is of great substance, courage and character.  




October 9, 2008

The Obama’s Legacy…Barack and Michelle!

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America has been privileged to glancing into the lives of two well educated and refined individuals who appear as loving, family oriented and have a passion to make a difference in this world though their sacrifice to serve.


What makes them special is that Barack and Michelle Obama are African American, and their profile is not what the country is accustomed to viewing. The overall picture of African Americans in our Country is not that of a loving couple, father mother both with an Ivy League education, rarely is the public image good at all.


This should not be exotic, but when you look at the coverage in regards to this group as a whole, this picture is not one that is presented. It’s the opposite that we see most, the rapper, sport figures and on the nightly news it’s the neighborhood hoodlum unable to articulate the answers to questions being asked. These are African Americans the world has become comfortable with knowing.


In my world as a African American this is not unusual, yet to some even in our communities it’s not anywhere near the typical black family. There are many professionals in the communities well educated professionals snapshots of this family throughout the Black community.  I will add that all of America has a mixture of persons of varying economic and social standing, so to portray a group in one way leads to unfair judgments which can be credited to lack of factual knowledge.


The Obama’s are simply a picture of what this Country has neglected to highlight. Exotic, unusual is only because no one focused on the attorney’s, physicians, corporate CEO’s professors and a long list of black professionals dedicated to personal achievement, strengthening and impacting their communities and the world at large.   


This 2008 election has moved the Country and the world by provoking curiosity and even the desire to look deep inside ourselves. The history of the first woman candidate, Hillary Clinton, and the first black Barack Obama opened us up to the possibilities of what are capabilities are as a Nation.


Although it’s tough for some to digest, as time goes by many are listening, watching and realizing that we are so much more alike than we knew, and maybe this say’s something about the images that are projected in our Country. True diversity is inclusion, and learning each others cultures, and understanding that its fear which keeps the dream of racial harmony so far away in our Country.


Barack and Michelle Obama have shown the world that there is a different side of the black life, culture and the experience. This portrait of  what it is also like to be black in America makes our Nation look stronger and even more powerful as a leader. As African Americans we embrace all sides of our culture including the not so pretty sides. African Americans should be publicly displayed from all perspectives, not just the negative sides of the cuture.


To whom much is given much is required and the Obama’s learned this lesson long ago as they began the path to education, family and personal sacrifice to serve the people, not blacks, whites but all, by giving a voice to those less fortunate and ultimately inspiring others with greatness of their own obligation to be proactive in impacting change. This is and will be the Legacy of Barack and Michelle Obama.  

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