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November 22, 2009

Sarah Palin, Going Rogue, everyone’s to blame!

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Sarah Palin’s heads across the country promoting her new book “Going Rogue”, which blames everyone for the problems she had during the campaign from Katie Couric to John McCain himself.

Truthfully few took her seriously in the first place, candidates for public office have to be looked at seriously, and no matter what excuses Palin delivers in her book “Going Rogue’, the truth is she was not ready and not qualified to hold the office as vice president.

Part of me really just wished she would have been honest and admit to the facts which were she was not knowledgeable on political issues, policy or even some current events.

There is something respectable about truth and accountability from those running for office. Palin would have gained additional supporters to her team with truth instead of excuses. Politicians do it all the time as the learn from mistakes and continue to seek office in the next election.

 However there is a problem at starting at the top and working your way up when it comes to knowledge. Maybe you need the basic skill set and the other things come along the way

It’s Katie Couric’s fault Palin didn’t know the name of  one single newspaper or magazine during her infamous interview last year. As for most of her other issues they were the fault of McCain’s handlers who treated her as a robot and she had no choice but to jump and ask how high? 

There is no doubt that it was hard for her being a female candidate, but Hillary Clinton was also a female, yet she was able to speak clearly and intelligently on issues concerning the government and Country.

Maybe Palin should simply say the truth, she was in over her head and no one including McCain say the train wreck awaiting which would  follow the announcement of  her as his selected running mate. 

Everyone is not suited for every job in life, or sometimes preparation is required in advance to make a solid respectable attempt. basically, not many people wanted anything to happen to McCain with fear of Palin as number one in life for the oval office.

The smoke has all cleared, and actually even I like Palin better these day’s, because it was never personal, but during the election it was like watching a crash over and over again wanting to jump in and save her from herself.

McCain and his camp were responsible, but it was for placing her in that position in the first place, especially when there were women who could have served them better based on experience and knowledge of government.

That poor Sarah song is old, she is nice and funny and certainly we all have areas where we are smart, but politics is not her area of expertise and the sooner she admits this, or works to change this by studying issues, current events and government, Palin would get more  respect from women and also be seen as a candidate serious enough to claim her faults and take this time to work on her politics.

 Every day women fight the fight and lose battles based on gender, but her problems were not that she was a woman, it was the material she herself presented which was used against her instead. If a man said he could see Russia from his back yard and used it as an example of his foreign policy knowledge, he too would have made the news in a negative light. It wasn’t always get her because she is a woman, sometimes it was amazement of the answers being delivered to media.

The same looks that hurt her based on lack of knowledge on issues got her there in the first place. Unless Palin  really believes McCain’s selected her based on her knowledge of policy. Truthfully she would have to know she was selected because she was a woman. Plain and simple.

Palin does have a future within her party , but what role she will play if anyone’s guess, but her in a political office would require a make over which seems impossible if the person refuses to be accountable for her actions and words during the campaign.

This would mean not blaming others for her lack of knowledge in government or world affairs, and simply state this is an area she is working on and has learned much since the election.

 Apparently her current handlers are not teaching her the art of public relations. Humility and honesty plays out better than the blame game,  adult women can’t blame everything on men, especially when they stay in the game til the end.  Palin waited to the games was over to call out foul! She displayed a confident fiery attitude often in public, now we are to believe she was meek  and vulnerable and  everyone made her do things she didn’t agree with, and say things she didn’t want to say?  Right!


April 6, 2009

Michelle O is Not Jackie O!

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America seemed to have more to say about a touch of affection between First Lady Michelle Obama and The Queen of England than the Europeans, who by the way saw it for the most part as fascinating.

In America it seemed to be an opportunity to showcase the first lady as lacking etiquette in a foreign country. This is surprising mainly because in this country we often touch as a way of endearing ourselves to others in conversation.

The fascination with the Obama’s is a little maddening, they are after all just people, not from another planet. A touch became world news and received equal coverage to the unemployment rates which were also announced, but quickly ended to give way to more analysts discussing the First Lady and the touch of Queen Elizabeth who responded with a like gesture to the First Lady.

The Queen didn’t show signs of displeasure and her staff delivered a favorable comment on the matter, but here in America that wasn’t enough, instead we have to seek fault in a visit with a new First Lady who apparently felt at ease and comfortable with her meeting with the Queen, and that led her to reach out in an expression of kindness with a gently touch.

More pressing issues are on our world agenda, like the actual meetings of the president with foreign leaders in order to correct the spiraling economy. The First lady is more than capable of serving her duties; after all she is more than eye candy for the president. With degrees from Princeton and Harvard some of the discussions concerning her are not well thought out by professionals.

This is a first lady like no other in many ways, not only is she fashionable, but she is intellectual and its funny how certain aspects of coverage tends to downplay this while highlighting the glamour girl image and comparing her to Jackie Kennedy.

Michelle Obama has little in common with Jackie truthfully, outside of both women married presidents, they both love fashion and set trends, and their children were always first priority. Beyond these basic comparisons these are two very different first ladies, and the world should embrace what each uniquely brings to the country and to the world.

December 30, 2008

Blago’s appointment say’s checkmate!

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Everyone who thought they had the Gov. Rod Blagojevich situation all figured out got a curve ball when he appointed former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris to the Illinois Senate seat once held by President Elect Barack Obama.

One thing Governor Blagojevich has is nerve; he defied all opposition from state leaders and lawmakers in his appointment of Burris to a seat of controversy due to an alleged pay to play scheme where the governor was said to be asking for money and favors in exchange to appointment to the seat.

The allegations of the pay to play scandal named several persons speaking to the governor about a possible appointment to the Illinois Senate seat. The appointment of Roland Burris shows the Governors keen knowledge on how politics work and he is a master of the game. He selected a candidate of good standing and unquestionable ethics in leadership, a former Illinois Attorney general; this makes it difficult for his opposition to challenge, although they had already laid the groundwork saying any appointment made by the Governor would not be accepted.

The problem with this is that the Governor did not select any candidate mentioned or related to the pay to play issues alleged. Instead he went to someone previously not even considered, and that person happens to be very qualified to serve in the position. Therefore he should be allowed to do so, and this should not be turned into further politics where others are more concerned about themselves getting the appointment over the fact that the governor in the end did his duty with an appointment of someone not tainted by the allegations.

Whatever the outcome is for Blagojevich has nothing at all to do with Burris, his record speaks for itself and unless he can be tied to the charges against the Governor, or has his own set of credibility issues, he should be allowed to serve.

Instead of adults, sometimes it appears that our politicians behave more like children, whining and manipulating to get their way. Blagojevich can say check mate with this appointment, unless there is a good reason to deny Burris this seat based on his credentials, not those of a tainted governor.

December 16, 2008

Caroline may bring ethics to the senate!

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With all of the drama swirling around some of the most technically qualified politicians these days , one would think the last question related to Caroline Kennedy’s quest for the New York Senate seat would be her lack of political experience.

First of all she would be replacing Hillary Clinton which many have debated her qualification to first hold the seat initially, and later her qualifications to run for president. With all of those questions from critiques she ends her career in the senate as one of the most respected and powerful members. Therefore that is a mute argument.

There are several reasons she is well worth looking at for this position, first of all she is independently wealthy so we know she is not seeking the riches to be gained in the political arena, and power, prestige and privilege she already has, therefore her chances of disgracing us is far less than anyone else who would potentially want the second most important open senate seat.

Let’s keep in mind how hot senate seats are these days and New York has just as tough of a reputation as Chicago. Well not that there Governor would ever try to sell the seat, but lets face it there are some heavy hitters in the political field there and the city is strongly in favor of having things there way when it comes to who gets Clinton’s seat.

The whole legacy of the Clinton’s and Kennedy’s makes no difference to anyone other than the politicians debating the matter. The citizens are way to busy worrying about job loss, foreclosures and food cost, so which dynasty is in place is not a real life issue, and from the looks of it, experience is not all that its cranked up to be when it comes to some politicians.

Greed, power and deceit seems to lure politicians, many with legal backgrounds to the lowest of places, and while there they are far removed from the average citizen, caring only about themselves, power, prestige and money. My thoughts are if you have an opportunity to eliminate those from the mix chances are you could have a great senator, and Kennedy is removed from all three, she needs nothing but a platform to do what her family has done for years and that is simply service.

December 12, 2008

Bailout bust…the bucks stop here!

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The bucks stop here according to the lawmakers voting against the passing of the recent 14 billion dollar proposed bailout.
President George Bush is on the way out, but Republicans failed to rally in support of the proposed aid for the big three failing auto giants. There were some in opposition of the bill who wanted United Auto Workers union to cut wages bringing them in line with Japanese automakers. The current Union contact is in place until 2011 and the UAW wasn’t in agreement to making changes to the current contract.
The current bailout bust was voted down 52-35 which failed short of the 60 votes needed to pass. Most see this as a serious problem for the three auto makers if they are to survive. GM and Chrysler say they may have only weeks before having serious problems, Ford says they can survive a little longer but they too will still need support financially.
Enough is enough, yet this is a serous situation the country is faced with. Some say let them file bankrupt like other companies would be forced to do in the same situation, while others support the bailout in order to keep 3 million employed in an already frail job market.
The dance isn’t completely over, the current administration is looking at what can be done, so the future of the big three isn’t over yet. Most guess they will be saved. Those against suggested the administration use 14 billion from the 700 billion wallstreet bailout package for the automakers.

December 11, 2008

Blago’s political affiliates say leave!

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Chicago politicans and president elect Barack Obama are asking Gov. Rod Blagojevich to resign. The heat is on and other politicans are all but calling in the movers to assist with a relocation to anywhere but the governors office in Illinois.
The problems for the governor have only just begun, names for candidates once numbered 1 thru 5 are coming to surface, such as Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., and Valerie Jarrett. The two are not named as part of the investigation into alleged corruption charges against  the governor, but their names existed as candidates interested in filling the vacant senate seat in Illinois.
Jarrett pulled her name out of the race earlier in the process and was later appointed to a position in the Obama administration. Along term friend of the president elect, and she also worked on his campaign.
Jackson was publicly seeking the seat and recently met with the governor, but said today he did nothing wrong, he say’s he met with the governor only to discuss the interest he had in filing the vacant senate seat. At no time did he propose any pay for play initiatives to the governor said Jackson, and praised the investigation saying its long overdue to rid Illinois of this type of corruption.
President elect Obama said it would be difficult for the governor to work under the current conditions and with others in support has called for Blagojevich resignation.
The governor  went on with his daily business as usual, heading to his downtown office and reports said he would not resign, his attorney reports he did nothing wrong and resigning would make him look as if he was guilty.
Things look pretty bad based on the tapes discussing request for money from his wife being placed on boards where she could earn $150,000 a year. Top that with request of payment in exchange for the senate seat and you have a problem, especially when media attention from around the world is now focused on Chicago. The case is still under investigation.

December 10, 2008

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Arrested!

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Chicago is no doubt on of the most watched cities in the world, and all eyes continue to focus on the city, this time its on Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich who was arrested in his home this morning, and wearing a jogging suit taken out by federal investigators on charges of corruption.

The Governors conversations at his office and home were being taped due to an ongoing investigation according to city officials. There were other allegations including his holding up of 8 million dollars in funding for a children’s hospital in Illinois. Also there was a report that he was attempting to sale the president elects former senate seat to the highest bidder, or maybe even appoint himself and run for presidency in 2013. Blagojevich hoped to have his wife placed on boards which could garner her as much as $150,000 per year according to US Attorney’s office.

This is not new news in Chicago where the investigation has been ongoing for years against the governor, but the recent incident rally makes one wonder what one could be thinking about, if it’s all true what would make the Governor continue such actions knowing he had been under investigation since 2003. He was interviewed several days earlier where he jokes saying that anyone wanting to tape his conversations just give him a heads uo and let him know. Well they surely took him up on the offer to tape and woke him at 6am Tuesday to take a ride downtown.

There were also reports that he had spoke to someone from Obama’s office and he was irritated when a request for an appointment by him would be rewarded with appreciation, he frowned on it not being exactly what he was looking for in return. He was looking into a possible appointment or Ambassadorship as a reward possibly according to the Attorneys office report. Chicago is getting every type of coverage imaginable these days, from murder capital of the world, and once again the ethical questioning of the city’s political scene.

Obama said he had not had any direct contact with the Governor regarding appointment and said an earlier statement by one of his representatives was incorrect stating the two had spoke. Attorney General Lisa Madigan said she was calling for Blagojevich to resign and she had intentions to pursue the matter. The Governor was released from custody and had returned home, at the present there are reports that he would not resign.

The States Attorneys office felt it important to bring the mater to surface now and by arresting the Governor out of fear with so many requests on his desk and the possibility of an appointment being made by him in selection of Obama’s replacement to the vacant senate seat.

Oprah Talks Weight!

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Oprah Winfrey joins women around the world with weight struggles as she confessed to her own unhappiness with her weight, she has gained forty pounds over the past two years and shared her story with readers of O magazine.

Winfrey is rich and famous but with all of that she too joins millions of women around the world looking to control weight. She has had a history of going up and down in weight like many women, but hers has been a public experience watched by millions of viewers of her day time talk show.

There was the amazing looking slim Oprah wearing those hot Calvin Kline Jeans in 1988 when she walked onto the stage carrying a red wagon with 60 pounds of fat which represented her weight loss. Later she gained all of the weight back and some with her heaviest been 232 ponds in 1992. She often spoke of weight as a personal struggle on her show and sought out ways to control herself and create a healthier self and to encourage others to diet and exercise. Winfrey has had several trainers and chefs working with her to achieve and maintain her optimum weight. She even ran a marathon.

Oprah talks of being diagnosed with a thyroid problem which at times made her fearful toward working out, yet she does not blame the disease on her weight gain, instead she blames her own addiction to food and says he is working to get healthier. This time she is not so focused on looks. Although she was not too happy about not being able to wear the dress she visualized for president elect Barack OBama’s swearing in as the nation’s 44th president. Whatever she wears she will look great and she will be stunning on such a momentous occasion in the nation’s capitol.

December 1, 2008

Jennifer Hudson triple tragedy update 6 Balfour arrested

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According to news reports an arrest warrent has been issued for suspect Willam Balfour in the murders of actress Jennifer Hudsons mother, brother and nephew. Balfour will be in the custody of the Chicago Police and charges are pending.

Hudsons mother and brother were discovered in the home both shot to death, her nephew was later found shot to death in the back of her dead brothers missing SUV, which was taken from the home. Balfour was in custody on charges related for parole violation, but had not been charged with the murders until today.

His grilfriend had reported seeing him with a gun simular to the murder weapon which police found not far from where Hudsons newphew Julian’s body was found. Julian is the son of udson;s older sister. It had also been reported that his car was found at a school nearby the Hudson home.

November 18, 2008

The pregant man is a woman…not a man!

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The economy is headed down the toilet with the automobile industry threatening to follow and the only thing we can think of to blitz in the news is a pregnant man who is really a woman that underwent a sex change.


Thomas Beatie (pregnant man), a woman gave birth to a baby girl Susan, he (she) and wife Nancy is expecting another child. Childbirth is a beautiful event no matter what family is receiving that bundle as a gift. People have the right to live their lives anyway they feel comfortable be that gay, straight or a combination. But when the media makes a big deal of pitching a story as a man actually having a baby, that is ridiculous and not be taken serious even during a comedy show. This is even worst coming from what is known as legitimate news sources.


Where is the line drawn between news and tabloid? It’s understandable that television news, print news and radio all need viewers, readers and ratings, but to the extent to make up stories of a man having a baby, passing it off as a real possibility. As someone who has given birth and wished during those labor pains my daughter’s father could have traded places in that hospital room, but it wasn’t going to happen no matter how much wishing was done on the subject. This was a woman feeling what every woman having a baby experienced, its called child birth, what is the big deal women are designed to have babies?


The true story doesn’t sound that juicy, a man, once a woman who has had a sex change is pregnant is just too much like giving us the facts or real story up front. Well anyone interested would still watch because it is still an unusual sight, not story but sight. There are many gay women who have babies in the same manner, yet they may not have undergone a sex change which is as obvious as the pregnant man who is a woman by birth.


The couple is married and live as a man and wife, but he is still physically a woman, so what is the story that makes this so interesting that the lie is repeated on so many news stations and newspapers. It’s not the story which is the problem, instead it is the deceit thrown out to the public of something which is impossible being made to believe as an actually event. Hormones change a physical appearance yet it does not change a person’s birth sexual orientation.


Boys grow into men and girls grow into women and that is anatomy which is taught in school. There are those rare occasions where some people have been born with a combination of chromosomes making them fit into that of a male and or woman category, but again this is a rare exception. With all that’s going on in the world it is amazing that such a big deal is made of a woman changing her sex and getting pregnant. This is no miracle its anatomy and why make fools of people in the process by delivering such a story to be anything other than what it is, and that is a couple both women, one with a sex change became pregnant, yet he looks like a man because of the hormones, not nature but a man made appearance due to hormones.


This is nothing against the decision the couple made to marry, have a baby or take hormones to look like a man. My problem is with the Media’s deceitful display of the story by presenting it to be something it clearly is not, give people a little more credit and respect in delivering accuracy unless it’s a tabloid report. As a matter of fact these days’ tabloids appear to be closer to truth with reporting breaking news stories sometimes faster than mainstream media.


In all fairness all who reported on this story did report the facts at some point during the interview with the couple, but the fact remains it should have gone in the headline that she was woman, not a pregnant man. Why not talk about proposition 8 which happens to be real life issues reflecting gay people’s rights, not a cosmetic story to fool the public into believing something impossible as a factual occurrence.


There are marches all over in various cites and the media focuses on a woman having a baby. Why not focus on a gay couple with children, that’s too much like real life, people need a fantasy that bad these days that we have hype a story by creating an untruth to get the attention of injustice out to the world. No people would have appreciated the truthfulness and not seen the story as a joke, had it been presented in a serious manner discussing gay parents having children.


 Maybe the roles are reversing as mainstream media spends more time on stories like a pregnant man the economy which from the way its looks wall street is still wavering, the big three auto dealers still need a bailout and the 700 billion allocated for a previous bailout to the banks is in a mess with uncertainty concerning overseeing such a large budget.






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