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November 22, 2009

Oprah say’s leaving feels right!

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There had been speculation for sometime that the queen of daytime television was not going to continue her successful talk show, and Oprah Winfrey made that announcement this week on her show, vowing to end her show after the magic number 25-year in 2011.

The queen commands media attention as everyone tries to figure out what she will do after ending the Oprah Winfrey Show. The list is long on possibilities seeing that she is a business woman with interest in media holdings including show’s of Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray and Dr, Oz. She also has a radio show, a succesful magazine “O”, and is planning to launch a new television cable network under her brand as the OWN network a fifty percent  partnership with The Discovery Network.

After twenty something years of daytime success with her show, she want’s to move on at what she considers the right time, saying ” it just feels right in my bones and in my soul.” 

Most realize that this is just a new beginning and that Winfrey will still be around stronger than ever as she puts her midas touch on her new network venture, which was not mentioned during her announcement on her show Friday.

The networks are the ones ot watch as they look to fill the shoes of the most successful daytime talk show in history. Which many say just won’t happen. Sure someone will host a show and garner decent ratings, but will that someone become a media queen or king? Probably not.  There are also the questions of does it have to be a male ot female, some say ot doesn’t matter, yet I disagree. Part of the magic of Oprah was her being a woman relating to other women just like her in some way. She is every woman on some level which made her easy to watch and listen to as a friend.

That magic is her personality and ability to give of herself even when it hurts. The ability to be truthful about herself and her thought on others. The most magical part of Oprah is  her ability to be vulnerable one minute, and the next show strength in uniting a fight for a cause near and dear to her heart.

The magic is a sincere human quality of wanting to change the world by making it better every single day, that’s her ongoing drive because she cares  deeply and without judgement as she has said and displayed by her ability to interview a king or a homeless person making each feel important for that one hour, that’s the magic and not something anyone can successfully achieve. 

There will be many fighting for that daytime title, and another show will land in the time slot, but Oprah is a brand and it took all of those years to build that brand, so a newbie has to have that staying power to even come close to the numbers generated by Oprah.


December 10, 2008

Oprah Talks Weight!

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Oprah Winfrey joins women around the world with weight struggles as she confessed to her own unhappiness with her weight, she has gained forty pounds over the past two years and shared her story with readers of O magazine.

Winfrey is rich and famous but with all of that she too joins millions of women around the world looking to control weight. She has had a history of going up and down in weight like many women, but hers has been a public experience watched by millions of viewers of her day time talk show.

There was the amazing looking slim Oprah wearing those hot Calvin Kline Jeans in 1988 when she walked onto the stage carrying a red wagon with 60 pounds of fat which represented her weight loss. Later she gained all of the weight back and some with her heaviest been 232 ponds in 1992. She often spoke of weight as a personal struggle on her show and sought out ways to control herself and create a healthier self and to encourage others to diet and exercise. Winfrey has had several trainers and chefs working with her to achieve and maintain her optimum weight. She even ran a marathon.

Oprah talks of being diagnosed with a thyroid problem which at times made her fearful toward working out, yet she does not blame the disease on her weight gain, instead she blames her own addiction to food and says he is working to get healthier. This time she is not so focused on looks. Although she was not too happy about not being able to wear the dress she visualized for president elect Barack OBama’s swearing in as the nation’s 44th president. Whatever she wears she will look great and she will be stunning on such a momentous occasion in the nation’s capitol.

September 11, 2008

Oprah is not controlled by a party, not even her own

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Its the Oprah Winfrey Show, not Oprah and the RNC or the DNC. This means she is the boss and calls the shots. Someone tell me when political parties were placed in charge as talk show producers?

Sarah Palin would be a great interview as a guest on the Oprah show, and following the election Oprah has said she would interview Palin. Many people want to see the interview now, seeing there is little known information on the politician, any forum is highly anticipated.

Oprah does not have the only talk show format, the party can get the same results by visiting a number of news media outlets willing to interview Palin on issues.  Something tells me softer formats like a day time show such as Oprah or the view is just what the camp want’s. Soft, friendly human interest forums.

Oprah’s political affiliation is not the reason she declined to have Palin on the show and it is outrages that supporters of Palin play the gender card. The decision not to have candidates on the show was made over a year ago by Winfrey.

 Bully Oprah, come on she is a business woman that has done a great job selecting guest on her show until election 2008 when she did the right thing by deciding not to interview anyone from either party until after the election. Fair is bad?

If you listen to complaints of McCain/ Palin campaign, it makes you question if they think Oprah has ESP, and knew McCain would pick Palin. How could anyone  think this kind of craziness.  Palin was a surprise, probably even to most of her own party, how would Oprah know there would be a Palin.

First the republicans bashed the entire media for paying too much attention to Obama. Then it was said that certain networks catered to Obama. Well they have their own media rock star, and the complaints continue.

Sarah Palin appears to be the new media darling and democrats don’t seem to be upset about this. Their complaints are related to questions concerning her ability to lead the country, and her background on issues. Its fair she is in the spotlight.

Palin is holding her own in the media, and the republican party still complains, this time its Oprah.  The gender bash. Women have the right to choose on issues, politics and run their business as they see fit. This includes Oprah. She is not a political machine. Her support of Obama is a personal choice. She just happens to be the big O.

The fact that Palin is a woman, or the first woman running as VP does not mean that Oprah or anyone else is obligated to have her as a guest on a talk show. Women have to stop using the gender card as a way of controlling other women, or letting their campaigns do it on their behalf. This type of activity is not going to help Palin or the future of women going into politics.

History has been made and with a woman on the ticket as VP, the best thing Palin can do for women is to pave a respectable path for the future of women seeking to run for high political offices.  In addition, she has to avoid allowing her party to use her gender.

Instead of fighting about being on Oprah, maybe her campaign should sit down with the serious news organizations, CNN, MSNBC, Fox news just to name a few. surely these reporters would love to sit down with Palin for an in depth interview. As the  first female candidate can she act like a candidate, she is a woman, yet that does not need to be used as a weapon. This is not appealing, its obvious she is not the victim type.

As for the big O, she is correct to stand her ground as a professional and not get caught up in the politics during this election on her show. It’s the best service to her viewers to not show bias on her show.

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