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November 22, 2009

Sarah Palin, Going Rogue, everyone’s to blame!

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Sarah Palin’s heads across the country promoting her new book “Going Rogue”, which blames everyone for the problems she had during the campaign from Katie Couric to John McCain himself.

Truthfully few took her seriously in the first place, candidates for public office have to be looked at seriously, and no matter what excuses Palin delivers in her book “Going Rogue’, the truth is she was not ready and not qualified to hold the office as vice president.

Part of me really just wished she would have been honest and admit to the facts which were she was not knowledgeable on political issues, policy or even some current events.

There is something respectable about truth and accountability from those running for office. Palin would have gained additional supporters to her team with truth instead of excuses. Politicians do it all the time as the learn from mistakes and continue to seek office in the next election.

 However there is a problem at starting at the top and working your way up when it comes to knowledge. Maybe you need the basic skill set and the other things come along the way

It’s Katie Couric’s fault Palin didn’t know the name of  one single newspaper or magazine during her infamous interview last year. As for most of her other issues they were the fault of McCain’s handlers who treated her as a robot and she had no choice but to jump and ask how high? 

There is no doubt that it was hard for her being a female candidate, but Hillary Clinton was also a female, yet she was able to speak clearly and intelligently on issues concerning the government and Country.

Maybe Palin should simply say the truth, she was in over her head and no one including McCain say the train wreck awaiting which would  follow the announcement of  her as his selected running mate. 

Everyone is not suited for every job in life, or sometimes preparation is required in advance to make a solid respectable attempt. basically, not many people wanted anything to happen to McCain with fear of Palin as number one in life for the oval office.

The smoke has all cleared, and actually even I like Palin better these day’s, because it was never personal, but during the election it was like watching a crash over and over again wanting to jump in and save her from herself.

McCain and his camp were responsible, but it was for placing her in that position in the first place, especially when there were women who could have served them better based on experience and knowledge of government.

That poor Sarah song is old, she is nice and funny and certainly we all have areas where we are smart, but politics is not her area of expertise and the sooner she admits this, or works to change this by studying issues, current events and government, Palin would get more  respect from women and also be seen as a candidate serious enough to claim her faults and take this time to work on her politics.

 Every day women fight the fight and lose battles based on gender, but her problems were not that she was a woman, it was the material she herself presented which was used against her instead. If a man said he could see Russia from his back yard and used it as an example of his foreign policy knowledge, he too would have made the news in a negative light. It wasn’t always get her because she is a woman, sometimes it was amazement of the answers being delivered to media.

The same looks that hurt her based on lack of knowledge on issues got her there in the first place. Unless Palin  really believes McCain’s selected her based on her knowledge of policy. Truthfully she would have to know she was selected because she was a woman. Plain and simple.

Palin does have a future within her party , but what role she will play if anyone’s guess, but her in a political office would require a make over which seems impossible if the person refuses to be accountable for her actions and words during the campaign.

This would mean not blaming others for her lack of knowledge in government or world affairs, and simply state this is an area she is working on and has learned much since the election.

 Apparently her current handlers are not teaching her the art of public relations. Humility and honesty plays out better than the blame game,  adult women can’t blame everything on men, especially when they stay in the game til the end.  Palin waited to the games was over to call out foul! She displayed a confident fiery attitude often in public, now we are to believe she was meek  and vulnerable and  everyone made her do things she didn’t agree with, and say things she didn’t want to say?  Right!


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