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The Church and Politics ,Its Sarah Palins turn.

Wow, now Sarah Palin is famous, she made it to the top with her performance on “You Tube,” showing her in a clip which she actually called upon God along with instructing the congregation to do the same in order to get the pipeline to Alaska.

Well I can’t help but wonder what the media  would have done with a You Tube performance of Senator Obama in his church addressing the congregation to pray for anything at all related to business or his job as a senator.  That one would have blasted over the world wide media waves of print, web, and radio.

The  Reverend Wright issue never consisted of clips of showing Obama present during any of the speeches which upset many including the senator.  Yet those clips of Wright preaching played as a box office hit repeatedly on all news channels for days, weeks and months.  In addition all medias began to question and examine  Obama’s thought process based on affiliation to a church which he later removed himself and family as members.

Obama was held accountable to a degree based on affiliation, so why would we not have Palin be accountable for words she herself delivered from a pulpit on state related issues during church.

Palin without doubt uses her church affiliation in a way to appeal to the members of her church on matters of policy and issues, yet its ignored for the most part.  A governor in church making comments that clearly show her mixing her church and state duties, by praying for business related matters? I don’t get it, in church can you pray for basic needs to care for those individuals suffering due to our failed economy.

Does anyone want to know how this will effect her ability to serves as Vice President? That was a big question asked of Obama during the church woes. and how the views expressed by his pastor lined up with the candidates own beliefs. He explained his position and so should Palin.

Maybe it’s time the media presented questions to Governor Palin in regards to her ability to keep her church and state separate, and allow her to explain her church video to the American people  who are interested  in understanding how her beliefs effect  her ability to lead this country, just as the question was asked of Obama.

In addition it would be nice if she cleared the flip flop stances on issues which she claims to be in support of one minute and before you finish your research you find an article which she has supported the same position.

This is an important election for many Americans who are following the candidates and their views on important issues, its poor judgment  to think people are not paying attention or researching candidates in this election.


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