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February 2, 2009

Michael Steele brings Change to GOP!

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The Republican party has elected Michael Steele the first African American to lead the GOP, and he has without doubt already signaled a new look for the struggling party as they too have sought to find change or think a black leader is needed to go up against a black president..

Steele is a former Maryland Lt. Governor and attorney who competed against four other candidates seeking the post to head the troubled party. He is considered a conservative, but compared to those he competed against for the position he is also the most moderate from the group. Steele has also had his bid as being first upon winning the 2003 election as Maryland’s first black governor.

However Steele advanced to this position remains a good thing for this country continued path toward change. Hopefully this choice was based on what is good for the republican party overall and not a placement of Steele just because he is a black male. As much as I want to see blacks continue to elevate in high level positions, it is important that they are placed in positions for the right reasons in order to be most effective and representative of the party values and the majority of its members. This does not mean the small group needed to put a leader in place. This references that large group of members that showed up at the many rallies supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin during the presidential election and the large group of supporters around the country. We have come along way if Steele is the man representing those groups.

This selection brings to mind a race between another black republican Alan Keyes who was moved to Chicago some years back as a replacement opponent to run against then Barack Obama for the Senate seat should have sent a clear message that you just can’t stick any black person on a ticket to compete in political races. Blacks really don’t vote for blacks just because of race, and whites and other races won’t support just any black candidate. If the candidate is qualified and just happens to be black well there is a strong level of support. Hopefully history will not repeat itself.

Steele landed a hot spot for himself and based on all of the issues the party faces including the racial overtures which sent many republican members up in arms during the past presidential election will be a starting place for this new leader. The interesting thing is the black vote is up for grabs when the candidates running are of a different race, but when a black candidate who is qualified, smart runs it unifies the black vote which is largely democratic. The question would be if Steel will be able to pull more blacks into the Republican Party and in doing so how will he rebuild the image to attract young and older groups of blacks and other minorities?

The interesting part of the selection of Steele is it’s coming upon the heels of the country electing its first black president. The difference is that this president was heavily supported by blacks with a record high turnout, but he was also supported by whites, Hispanics and other races due to his ability to appeal to each ethnic group with a sincere ability to understand and relate on some level.

Steels job is to revive the party as they go up against the empowered Democratic Party and the country’s first black president beginning with next falls mid term elections. With all of the ills of the current party this will be all of a challenge for the new leader who promises the dawning of a new republican party which is inclusive to all races and ages. Something he knows is important upon looking at the numbers, maps, ethnic make up and ages of those putting the current president in office.

This selection is historic and again shows that anything is possible, and if the guess is right the man that bought change to the country is responsible for Steele in this position as the new GOP leader.


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  1. I don’t know what to think about this. I’v only seen Steele on the Bill Maher program. He is clearly willing to stand up and voice his positions regardless of how he may be perceived. In fact, I think it will be interesting to see him and Obama debate over differences. He appears to have more legitimacy than Keyes. But I do struggle to believe this choice was more than a last minute attempt by the Republican party to still be in the game.

    I compare it to colleges from the late 1950’s and 1960’s who begrundgingly accepted that they could not compete without African American players. So despite their holding out, they eventually surrendered because they wanted to win.

    Comment by 4wrdthnkndad — February 2, 2009 @ 11:32 pm | Reply

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