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January 21, 2009

President Barack Obama Changed America

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Tears flowing down the faces of men and women of all races as never before seen in the history of this country. Over a million people united in celebration in the nation’s capitol as they witnessed the swearing in of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States of America.


An emotional and overwhelming moment at times seemed to take many back in history to times when things were much different. Blacks fighting for civil rights and equality for years and maybe the very thought of this new first family making what was thought to be impossible a reality . Many thought they were prepared but learned how touching it was as the moment arrived on this cold January day. Young men and women champions of this election watched with pride in this moment of our history as a black president is sworn into office.  Someone who many feel represents all of America. His story gave way to a world far different from the one we knew yesterday on some levels.


 The thing about history is that we are all a part of it, just as blacks weep and thought of the past, there were many of other races embracing change, hope and goodwill to all mankind in order that our world be unified. The greatness in us all pays it forward in someway during our lifetime, and today gratification came to all representing change in America.


Whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics were all living in the moment while seeing a new beginning. History teaches us all something about ourselves and it doesn’t matter if you lived it or not, what matters is acknowledging the lessons and taking part in re writing stories of hope and triumph to pass along to our children.


Today an African American family moved into the White House, a mother, father and two little girls. The thing is they represent families across the country. Their race is only important today because they are the first black family, as adults we take notice, but little girls of all races will look at the two Obama girls watching what they wear and the music they like. Women will look at the First Lady and take on her style while admiring her and the family, or simply critique her as they have first ladies in the past. Men will see Obama as the most powerful man in the world and continue their own quest to power to obtain that oval office.


The basics in life we all relate to and want, sometimes it takes moments like today to remind us in this country how much more alike we are than not, how life delivers lessons to this country right on time when a need exist. There was Martin Luther King Jr. who marched and delivered words that would years later bring tears to our eyes; yes his words still remind us as a nation to come together, while reminding us that some elements of his dream speech are still not present.   There was also John F. Kennedy Jr. who fought for equality and captured the hearts of generations during a time we needed change. His family continues the legacy of fighting for the people.


The word change is simple yet powerful enough that amazingly every so often a leader comes along and change actually happens. A small word that moves people stirs thought and leads the country forward to heal at precisely the right moment. The need for compassion and someone who sincerely believes he can make a difference grips at hearts and souls of Americans. The strength and determination to lessen the burden of our leaders by offering ourselves is truly what individuals are made of in the country, sometimes it just takes the right leader to remind us of how great and capable we are, and that reminder comes at the right moment and time always in our history.



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