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January 7, 2009

Burris Boldness provokes Senate Silliness

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Roland Burris headed to the Senate only to be turned away, and he intends to seek justice from the senate gang refusing to acknowledge his appointment due to Governor Blagojevich’s political challenges in Chicago.

We’ll its no surprise that a tangled web continues to tangle itself instead of unraveling and straighten, the latter action would require compromise and a setting aside of ego’s and power for the good of the people. Burris set his self up for a challenge accepting the nomination and was obviously well prepared to fight for his right to serve as Illinois Junior Senator.

Blagojevich made a perfect choice selecting someone well qualified to serve, a one time opponent and most importantly he did not have a number given to his name as someone potentially involved or named in the play for pay scandal. As If there isn’t enough to worry about with a failing economy, now the senate chooses to fight an appointment based on the Governors credentials instead of the candidates.

Right or wrong for taking the position, Burris is qualified and since he dared to accept the appointment, he should be seated as long as he is qualified regardless of the Illinois Governors troubles. Maybe action against the Governor’s actions earlier would have prevented the citizens from having to witness more rumblings in the political circus of what should be the US Senate. Those who should know and understand the law, and who have previously tried to exercise the power to prevent another Senator from being seated named Adam Powell.

I would agree that the trouble facing Blagojevich is outrageous accusations and if, the big question if found to be true are disgusting for the city and its political climate. However until he is charged he is still Governor and has the power to exercise his granted powers, and it is a problem with our system when people can alter and change laws to accommodate disagreement and or exercise personal preferences. The laws are in place to avoid such behaviors and the courts are in place to discipline behaviors of a proven failed politician who misuses his or her office and or power, that right does not belong to the US Senate to punish the governor, it belongs to the courts.

Power seems to drive every aspect of government in this Country, yet in areas where these officials are needed to step up to prevent, credit card rates from skyrocketing, gas prices from rising and foreclosure assistance and jobs for people, you don’t see them running to a camera pushing ethics and concern for the people. Give me a break, Burris sitting as Senator is more of a concern for the senate and politicians than the citizens of Illinois; they already know the man and his record. The concerns of Illinois citizens at the moment are not as shallow, they unlike the members on the Senate floor are facing trying issues of job loss, homelessness and a host of other serious issues which directly impact their lives negatively, and Burris as senator is not one of those issues, only the politicians appear to be whining.


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