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December 30, 2008

Saltsman’s family holiday gift to friends!

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 Republican Chip Saltsman obviously is in need of attention as he seeks to lead his party,  and he got it upon sending out a CD “Barack the Magic Negro” to his friends, what a great person he is to think so much of those he likes to send this billboard chart topper to his friends, a must have for the holiday season for families to enjoy while sitting around the fireplace.


Saltsman sent out Christmas gift to members of his party with a CD including a song “Barack the Magic Negro. The debates are once again on, some say its innocent humor, and others say its racism. I think it’s stupid and ignorant to follow the road already traveled by a female Republican member earlier this year. The food stamp incident obviously wasn’t funny enough because Saltsman selected to compete by taking things a step further with a musical track racially degrading.  Had he been smart he would have left the song where it originated.


The reality is that there are people that think and feel just like Saltsman, humor or racism disguised as parody, a joke so to speak. Idiots are continuously making there way into political office which is quite disturbing. When one takes a position such as to send out holiday gifts calling a future president a magic negro, there is something to be said about who he really is as a person, as well as what he represents in this country. I would like to know what a magic Negro is and how it is determined that one is such a phenomenon?


The song is not new, yes that person on the Fox news network thinks the song is an appropriate musical selection, but hey, a drug addict can’t be held accountable for every action, there are just times that reality and fantasy blend when you don’t say no. As for Saltsman he can breathe and release now that he got that out of his system, maybe he needed that to feel good about himself at someone else’s expense. What a leader he would make for his party.


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