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December 30, 2008

Blago’s appointment say’s checkmate!

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Everyone who thought they had the Gov. Rod Blagojevich situation all figured out got a curve ball when he appointed former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris to the Illinois Senate seat once held by President Elect Barack Obama.

One thing Governor Blagojevich has is nerve; he defied all opposition from state leaders and lawmakers in his appointment of Burris to a seat of controversy due to an alleged pay to play scheme where the governor was said to be asking for money and favors in exchange to appointment to the seat.

The allegations of the pay to play scandal named several persons speaking to the governor about a possible appointment to the Illinois Senate seat. The appointment of Roland Burris shows the Governors keen knowledge on how politics work and he is a master of the game. He selected a candidate of good standing and unquestionable ethics in leadership, a former Illinois Attorney general; this makes it difficult for his opposition to challenge, although they had already laid the groundwork saying any appointment made by the Governor would not be accepted.

The problem with this is that the Governor did not select any candidate mentioned or related to the pay to play issues alleged. Instead he went to someone previously not even considered, and that person happens to be very qualified to serve in the position. Therefore he should be allowed to do so, and this should not be turned into further politics where others are more concerned about themselves getting the appointment over the fact that the governor in the end did his duty with an appointment of someone not tainted by the allegations.

Whatever the outcome is for Blagojevich has nothing at all to do with Burris, his record speaks for itself and unless he can be tied to the charges against the Governor, or has his own set of credibility issues, he should be allowed to serve.

Instead of adults, sometimes it appears that our politicians behave more like children, whining and manipulating to get their way. Blagojevich can say check mate with this appointment, unless there is a good reason to deny Burris this seat based on his credentials, not those of a tainted governor.


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