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December 29, 2008

Caylee Anthony

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The case of little Caylee Anthony was disturbing from the beginning so much so that as a mother my instincts were to hope she would be found alive, a beautiful child full of life and a world awaiting to see her smile which had become a part of nightly news channels for months.


Any life lost is sad, but that of a little girl being murdered, wrapped in a plastic garbage bag then thrown out on the side of the road in a wooded area in Florida like trash is despicable and justice should be hers.


Most probably expected the worst, while hoping for the best when on December 11 reports came out that bones of a child had been found near the parents home of Casey Anthony’s, a home with a little girl’s bedroom empty, a home, a place of safety for child that is now questioned. The body had been there for some time according to reports and there was tissue, the next step is forth coming toxicology report from the medical examiners office.


Her body parts found on the scene were identified and her death deemed a homicide by police, and the meter reader, a man who called and reported a trash bag on the road side had made two previous calls reporting the bag at the scene. Police said they got 5600 calls in state and worldwide with reports on Caylee Anthony.


This is a case that sends chills down the spines of mothers and grandparent’s love of a child is so natural to most that one would put their own life on the line to save that of a child. A mother’s instinct and a grandparent’s paternal feeling to step in and protect a child even from their own is a part of what happens in the natural scheme of life.


Casey Anthony sits in a jail, she denies the murder of her daughter, yet she was unable to give information as to where her child was and with whom. Her parents believed up until the discovery of the body that the child was alive and their daughter was innocent.


Something went so wrong, not blaming the grandparent’s, but yet one can’t help but to wonder if there were any signs of instability obvious enough to step in and protect an innocent little girl from a confused and potentially dangerous person. Many suggest her parents were in denial.


Yes it’s a horrible thought that this child could have been murdered at the hands of someone who was suppose to love her, yet this is not the first time a child has died at the hands of a parent. How can we protect children in this Country and why are there so many cases to mothers murdering their on children? That’s a question we need to answer in order to hopefully prevent the discovery of the next murdered child at the hand of a parent.


The grandparents are preparing for a public and private memorial service for the little girl according to reports from their attorney. Casey will not be allowed to attend the services due to the charges alleged against and for security reason reported prison officials.








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