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December 10, 2008

Oprah Talks Weight!

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Oprah Winfrey joins women around the world with weight struggles as she confessed to her own unhappiness with her weight, she has gained forty pounds over the past two years and shared her story with readers of O magazine.

Winfrey is rich and famous but with all of that she too joins millions of women around the world looking to control weight. She has had a history of going up and down in weight like many women, but hers has been a public experience watched by millions of viewers of her day time talk show.

There was the amazing looking slim Oprah wearing those hot Calvin Kline Jeans in 1988 when she walked onto the stage carrying a red wagon with 60 pounds of fat which represented her weight loss. Later she gained all of the weight back and some with her heaviest been 232 ponds in 1992. She often spoke of weight as a personal struggle on her show and sought out ways to control herself and create a healthier self and to encourage others to diet and exercise. Winfrey has had several trainers and chefs working with her to achieve and maintain her optimum weight. She even ran a marathon.

Oprah talks of being diagnosed with a thyroid problem which at times made her fearful toward working out, yet she does not blame the disease on her weight gain, instead she blames her own addiction to food and says he is working to get healthier. This time she is not so focused on looks. Although she was not too happy about not being able to wear the dress she visualized for president elect Barack OBama’s swearing in as the nation’s 44th president. Whatever she wears she will look great and she will be stunning on such a momentous occasion in the nation’s capitol.


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