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December 10, 2008

Jesse Jackson Jr. in Blago’s Senate Web

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Chicago politics continue to weave a web of curiosity, and today reports were that the candidate referred as number five by Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.

It had been know that Jackson had an interest in the vacant Illinois Senate seat vacted by president elect Barack Obama as he openly made his bid in earlier talks and interviews.

Jackson also served as one of Obama’s Co-Chairs in Illinois for his presidential campaign. In reports of the Governors taped conversations it was implied that candidate number five would be moved up in rank if the governor didn’t get what he wanted from the deal which included his wife being placed on boards to earn an additional $150,000 per year which was said would help him through completing his term as Governor. Also the implication is that candidate number five was not high on the Obama’s administrations list of persons to fill his vacant senate seat. Candidate number one was thought to be Valerie Jarrett who removed herself from the list, and was later appointed to a position in the Obama’ Administration.

Jackson met with the Governor earlier to discuss his desire to have the senate seat. Today during a news report he told news reporters he had done nothing wrong and was named as a suspect in any of the charges. He also said this is good for the people of Illinois and would put a long overdue stop to the corruption in Illinois.


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