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December 4, 2008

Holiday Gifts are as simple as a meal to feed friends and family!

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There is plenty to be thankful for in life this holiday season  one can find goodness in life’s simplicity, such as the innocence of children or the just the fact that you were granted another day to grace your presence on the earth.


During what are difficult times with the current economic situation causing many families to be unsettled and unsure there is some peace in knowing that family and love are still the ties that unite us in this country. Those with still offer food to the local food banks, and volunteers still go to the annual post to serve the homeless and hungry as they did years previously.


Business owners remain optimistic about the future as they push forward to survive, and families create ways to celebrate economically this year, while some choose to make gifts, others decide to spend a little less. There are those that are honest in saying they can only share love or a meal at the table with family and friends.


What a wonderful gift of love it is for someone to labor all of the favorites for a Holiday meal, many times we fail to realize how much this means until the day that love one is no longer at the family table.


Maybe the economic downfall of the country will bring family and friends closer to understanding the real meaning of the Holiday season. As we share in hardships of friends and families losing homes and jobs, we also share in concern as we are all affected in some way. Reaching out to others is rising to the challenge to make the season about giving something as simple as a kind word, a card or just a hand to help out when needed.


 The race in life continues and we must remain positive and hopeful in trying times.  Our families, friends and neighbors suffer some in silence. The pain of others reflects in our world like a cloud, sad faces of parents unable to provide for families and children. Business owners closing the doors of businesses, its all will come to past and we will once again regroup.


This holiday more than ever is a time of sharing, we must open our hearts, homes and wallets in showing thanks and goodwill, this is a year to be willing to share with those less fortunate. The best gift is kindness and concern which in turn will make someone feel good this holiday season.


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