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December 1, 2008

HIV/AIDS Awareness in the African American community

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There continues to be a crisis in the African American community with reportedly high numbers of HIV and AIDS being diagnosed.


According to the Center for Disease Control black men account for 49% of the 37,331 new cases with the primary transmission through sexual contact with other men, followed by injection drug use and last high risk heterosexual contact. The numbers are staggering and continue to put black women and men at risk. Black women diagnosed with HIV/ AIDS primary transmission for the disease was from heterosexual contact with high risk partners, followed by injection drug use.


There are several challenges faced in the black communities in trying to get the message out on prevention. They include poverty, which while many are poor and without health care its difficult to diagnose early. Also there is the denial factor which shows blacks are less comfortable dealing with issues of homosexuality and discussions of sexual activity, and sexually transmitted diseases are also seen in higher numbers within this group, these issues make it difficult to control the spreading of  HIV/ AIDS without efforts to educate and inform communities, women and men of the dangers and prevention measures that could save lives. 


Several programs and initiatives are in place to increase awareness and testing in the communities, Historical Black Colleges are offering testing, as well as community programs promoting safe sex and testing. Women and men have to protect themselves in order to prevent contracting the disease. Blacks cannot afford to think it can’t happen to them, because the numbers in CDC don’t lie, people of all races, age groups are contracting and dying from HIV/AIDS.


World Aids Day

Data according to 2005 / updated 2008 CDC report.


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