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November 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton…Obama’s Choice for Secretary of State!

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The Senator from New York and former First Lady Hillary Clinton could become the next woman in the position as Secretary of State, she is President Elect Barrack Obama’s pick for the third highest office within his administration.


The nation is anticipating Obama’s cabinet selections almost as much as his own election mostly because as the President Elect continues to build his staff many are watching his choices closely, thinking that they will offer a glimpse as to what type of presidency he will operate once he is seated in office next month. Clinton is a powerful woman able to bring a wealth of information and respect to the cabinet, and while some agree, others think she is a poor choice due to the baggage she brings as a wife to a former president and her aggressive campaigning against Obama early in the election process.


Thus far most of his choices have been favored and with the selection of Clinton as Secretary of State many of her 18 million supporters she gained during her campaign may be at least a little happier with the in coming president for acknowledging their woman whom many felt strongly was the better candidate. Although a good number of those supporters united with team Obama, it was greatly due to the amazing job Clinton did reaching out to her supporters on his behalf. She went over and beyond her duty in support of Obama. This is probably why her selection is good, she can stand up to the toughest of opponents, yet gracefully retreat, while still holding a huge amount of power with voters and her peers. The election process can seat a president, but what Clinton has can only be obtained through years of service as first lady and her additional eight years in the U.S Senate.


In offering her this post Obama truly is a great politician, he understands and respects the teamwork effect, and in this selection shows his understanding of how important Clinton is to the Democratic Party and to women who supported her loyally. These women voters were in it until the end, and in no way are they fair weather supporters of Clinton. It was a tough campaign for the two candidates, but as true professionals they both came out as winners.


Hillary is one of the most admired and respected female politicians of our time and with her experience and relationships will serve his administration, some complain about the Clinton’s again being tied to the White House, but as the record shows the Country was doing far better than at the present. The Clinton legacy is a strong one which comes with a built in power base, this in itself helps Obama to govern stronger as a leader able to rely heavily on appointments of the best and brightest to serve within is cabinet. Although some complain that he is not offering much change, they fail to look at the serious situation the Country is in, it would not be very smart for an incoming president to appoint a team of inexperienced cabinet members during a time when contacts, experience and the ability to get the job done will determine our economic and global future.


With many attempts to study his reasoning in the selection process of his team, it’s his ability to truly reach across the board by bringing in those in and out of his circle and personal comfort space. This is a needed ability for any successful and especially a great leader to have as a trait. Some are amazed at the president elect’s appointments of adversaries as his cabinet members, but he has studied previous leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, picking up points from past leaders working in and out of a personal comfort zone to lead a nation successfully. He is also wise enough to understand he needs great people around him in this most difficult time, and he is from day one preparing to protect his own legacy which again shows his wisdom and intellect, he leads through thought and is willing to work with others and seek help from familiar places as well as those he may not appear to be completely comfortable with personally.






  1. Senator Clinton may make a wonderful Secretary of State. Here’s why I’m apprehensive.

    Comment by Burr Deming — November 23, 2008 @ 1:52 am | Reply

  2. Now there’s change we can-oh wait, that isn’t change at all. Oh well…

    Comment by rjjrdq — November 23, 2008 @ 3:10 am | Reply

  3. With the present economic situation certain choices are smart. The best and most capable need to work to get the Country in a better position globally and economically. The answer may not be by selecting those with less experience to lead in key ofices like Secretary of State or Treasury , especially when the Country is headed into a depression.
    However in looking at the Cabinet as a whole there are new fresh faces, starting with the president elect.

    Comment by noirwomannews — November 23, 2008 @ 4:11 am | Reply

  4. You points are well taken, but the realty is our government has a history of presidents equiped with the best minds in the world as well as expierence, and those calls which have come in to many also refer to conference with an advisory team. The whole 3am call didn’t work because most of America is smart enough to know a president is capable of making the right decision based on information and what is best for the Country. And no matter who sits in the oval office when that call arrives, they will have to think with their own mind and seek advise from others in their cabinet.
    Clinton showed she was for the party, even when it was difficult because of her own personal feelings. The joke of the Country is not the president elect as your article seems to refer.
    The American people have issues with that which is far more important than how Obama will look for selecting Hillary Clinton who already proved to be a favorite as she shattered the glass cieling with 18 million who agree.
    The choices of our current president to take us to war was an answer to the call, as well as an answer to our economic situation with the freddie and fannie, he too made decisions. Therefore unless we automate and computerize the presidency we depend on that presidents ability to make the right choices for the country, and until those choices are made we don;t know what we have in a leader. We just assume. Hillary will do what is right for the people and so will President Elect Obama. That which put them at war with each other, is what binds them to work well together they love this country and want the best for its people.

    Comment by noirwomannews — November 23, 2008 @ 4:46 am | Reply

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