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November 19, 2008

African American Eric Holder Obama’s pick for Attorney General

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President Elect Barack Obama stays true to his word of bringing diversity within his staff, this week he continues to make history with the selection of Eric Holder to serve in his administration as the country’s first African American  Attorney General.


Holder served as a senior legal advisor during the presidential campaign, he also served as one of three members on Obama’s vice presidential selection committee. Following the election he stayed on as a senior legal advisor. Holder is no stranger to the world of politics, having served previously as superior court judge in Washington DC. He later landed an appointment during the Clinton Administration serving as the first African American to the US Attorney office. He later served in another high position as Deputy Attorney General. Upon leaving his post as Deputy Attorney General he returned to private practice in a law firm.


Holder was born in New York the Bronx; he attended Columbia University and later received his law degree from Columbia Law School. Holder is well exposed to most areas of law from serving right out of college with the NAACP legal defense and educational fund during a summer to receiving appointments from Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.


Holder will be first once again, this time as the first African American Attorney General; he joins the ranks of two other high ranking blacks serving in a presidential cabinet, former Secretary of State General Colin Powell and his successor Condoleezza Rice, both members of the Republican Party coming in under the bush administration.


Hillary Clinton is said to be a candidate for the post of Secretary of State, with her appointment and that of Holder as Attorney General, the president Elect is staying true to his speech where he said his cabinet would look as diverse as the Country. Change is happening as promised, even with familiar faces being promoted to higher places.






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