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November 18, 2008

The pregant man is a woman…not a man!

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The economy is headed down the toilet with the automobile industry threatening to follow and the only thing we can think of to blitz in the news is a pregnant man who is really a woman that underwent a sex change.


Thomas Beatie (pregnant man), a woman gave birth to a baby girl Susan, he (she) and wife Nancy is expecting another child. Childbirth is a beautiful event no matter what family is receiving that bundle as a gift. People have the right to live their lives anyway they feel comfortable be that gay, straight or a combination. But when the media makes a big deal of pitching a story as a man actually having a baby, that is ridiculous and not be taken serious even during a comedy show. This is even worst coming from what is known as legitimate news sources.


Where is the line drawn between news and tabloid? It’s understandable that television news, print news and radio all need viewers, readers and ratings, but to the extent to make up stories of a man having a baby, passing it off as a real possibility. As someone who has given birth and wished during those labor pains my daughter’s father could have traded places in that hospital room, but it wasn’t going to happen no matter how much wishing was done on the subject. This was a woman feeling what every woman having a baby experienced, its called child birth, what is the big deal women are designed to have babies?


The true story doesn’t sound that juicy, a man, once a woman who has had a sex change is pregnant is just too much like giving us the facts or real story up front. Well anyone interested would still watch because it is still an unusual sight, not story but sight. There are many gay women who have babies in the same manner, yet they may not have undergone a sex change which is as obvious as the pregnant man who is a woman by birth.


The couple is married and live as a man and wife, but he is still physically a woman, so what is the story that makes this so interesting that the lie is repeated on so many news stations and newspapers. It’s not the story which is the problem, instead it is the deceit thrown out to the public of something which is impossible being made to believe as an actually event. Hormones change a physical appearance yet it does not change a person’s birth sexual orientation.


Boys grow into men and girls grow into women and that is anatomy which is taught in school. There are those rare occasions where some people have been born with a combination of chromosomes making them fit into that of a male and or woman category, but again this is a rare exception. With all that’s going on in the world it is amazing that such a big deal is made of a woman changing her sex and getting pregnant. This is no miracle its anatomy and why make fools of people in the process by delivering such a story to be anything other than what it is, and that is a couple both women, one with a sex change became pregnant, yet he looks like a man because of the hormones, not nature but a man made appearance due to hormones.


This is nothing against the decision the couple made to marry, have a baby or take hormones to look like a man. My problem is with the Media’s deceitful display of the story by presenting it to be something it clearly is not, give people a little more credit and respect in delivering accuracy unless it’s a tabloid report. As a matter of fact these days’ tabloids appear to be closer to truth with reporting breaking news stories sometimes faster than mainstream media.


In all fairness all who reported on this story did report the facts at some point during the interview with the couple, but the fact remains it should have gone in the headline that she was woman, not a pregnant man. Why not talk about proposition 8 which happens to be real life issues reflecting gay people’s rights, not a cosmetic story to fool the public into believing something impossible as a factual occurrence.


There are marches all over in various cites and the media focuses on a woman having a baby. Why not focus on a gay couple with children, that’s too much like real life, people need a fantasy that bad these days that we have hype a story by creating an untruth to get the attention of injustice out to the world. No people would have appreciated the truthfulness and not seen the story as a joke, had it been presented in a serious manner discussing gay parents having children.


 Maybe the roles are reversing as mainstream media spends more time on stories like a pregnant man the economy which from the way its looks wall street is still wavering, the big three auto dealers still need a bailout and the 700 billion allocated for a previous bailout to the banks is in a mess with uncertainty concerning overseeing such a large budget.







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