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November 5, 2008

Chicago celebrates..its Official..Obama is President Elect!

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Barrack Obama stood in Chicago’s Grant Park among hundreds of his supporters as it became official he would become the 44th president of the United States.


Downtown Chicago was full of movement which began early that morning with supporters securing positions in the park to watch this historical moment. Two young African American boys posed against a wall wearing shirts which read I was there when history was made, it was their shirts which summed up the feelings of most as they walked across the park to attend this historical event.


When the CNN network called the election shortly after 11pm there were cheers, tears and screams that echoed, those not hearing the results passed the information around to other. Hundreds sharing in the moment on what was a beautiful day in a city known for fidget temperatures in November. Even the Chicago’s weather was on Obama’s side in this historical election night celebration held in Chicago’s Grant park city playground.


Most memorable were the faces of hope, happiness and pride. Women, men and children of all races, 70,000 holding tickets were there to see and live the moment. Those without tickets lined along the park watching and waiting to hear the official news. They walked at a fast paces toward the park as if not wanting to miss anything, yet many knew it would be later in the night when Obama would actually appear to address the crowd.


There was no shortage of celebrity presence in the city; Hip Hop artist Common briefly said he was here to celebrate history. Filmmaker Spike Lee was there just for the moment, as was Oprah Winfrey who said “Hope won, something big just happened, and it feels like we can do anything know.” She was right something big had just occurred, a nation changed in a flash. The Reverend Jesse Jackson, his son Congressman Jesse Jr. and his wife Alderman Sandy Jackson and Senator Emil Jones all strolled through the media area, all there to support Obama.


Within this Country’s 232 year history there has never been anything like it, the first African American president winning and headed to the White house with his wife and daughters, and the puppy he promised his girls. Four decades ago the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. gave his I have a Dream speech, and in his speech he saw the vision, today Americans lived the dream.


Obamathanked his campaign supporters; he spoke of Michelle as the next Fist Lady and adoringly referred to her as his best friend and the love of his life. He spoke of his girls saying he loved them more than they could know, what a moving moment to see a picture of this beautiful black family achieving this success and taking on such a great responsibility. Most importantly he spoke to the American people even non supporters saying he would be their president too. He promised to tell the truth and try to make things better for all Americans. Obamanoted that sometimes people wouldn’t always agree with his decisions, yet he assured the world that he would always be open to listening.



When Obama, his family and Vice President elect Jo Biden and his family entered the stage, you instantly realized this melting pot of people on that stage is exactly what the Country looks like. Looking into the crowds, there were tears, smiles and disbelief on the faces of so many standing watching. One man said he was numb; he needed to process it tomorrow. A woman said she needed to see it happen for herself, and she still can’t believe he won.


Watching Obama deliver his speech was a moment for me, as I worked to report my story, tears fell from my eyes when I looked at a text message sent to me by my 20 something year old daughter who reminded me that I had interviewed Michelle Obama and featured her on a cover five years ago. She was right, that was the moment I knew how important Michelle was to Barack Obama’s success prior to him winning his Senate seat, yes my publication had the first full feature story of the now First Lady. Michelle Obama.



That phone call was my moment to share with my daughter and to know her future and those of her friends would be brighter because of a stand taken by a man whose odds were against him, yet he went forward with skill and determination, fighting for chance to make change for all Americans.  



The action didn’t stop in Chicago, following Obama’s speech many headed to one of many parties all over the city, many descendedon the Chicago Hilton and Towers on Michigan Ave, where Jesse Jackson and his wife sandy through a huge party with hundreds lining up to attend. In the same hotel was a party given by Emil Jones which also had a great turnout with some of the city’s finest present.





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