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November 2, 2008

Obama’s Grant Park celebration in My Kinda Town…Chicago!

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Chicago’s famous Grant Park city playground plans for what could be its biggest historical event ever, as the city gets ready for its election night celebration for home town Senator of Illinois Barack Obama.


Residents in Chicago are familiar with celebrating in this well know play field which host summer events such as the Taste of Chicago and both the Jazz and Blues Festivals which draw large crowds from within and outside of the city. It’s no surprise to Chicago insiders that Obama would pick such a place to celebrate because it insures many who have supported him have a chance to take part in the celebration.


A huge outdoor location known for bringing all Chicagoans together each summer in celebration of the city’s fine arts and entertainment. Events held in Grant Park showcase’s the city’s culture and diversity, which is fitting for an Obama celebration to include all of his supporters.  


Tickets were distributed last week, the campaign allowed for 70,000 to attend, and in two days they were gone according to the campaign. Those with tickets will celebrate inside a secured area. Nothing fancy, no alcohol, bags and those attending will be required to show identification. The city also expects some without tickets will attend filling up the areas outside the reserved areas within Grant Park.  


The city’s security is in place for the day, all Chicago police will be on duty Tuesday, and Chicago firefighters have been informed to take gear home in the event they are called to respond in an emergency. There were also some reports of security concerns regarding Obama’s safety with this type of outdoor venue, but additional reports say the security measures are well in place for the city and Obama.



Mayor Richard Daley is in on the celebration saying he would also invite people down as he added “This is a celebration. The mayor had previously joked with reporters saying he could not say no to Obama about holding the event in the famous Grant Park location. City leaders and pastors have put word out for citizens attending to be well behaved as security is strict, they also encouraged those without tickets to celebrate at home or in their neighborhood. Although the city expects many will want to be in attendance for this historical night with or without tickets.


In addition to the official celebration party in Grant Park, many of Chicago’s known event planners are taking full advantage of the festive mood and making plans to host their own Obama celebration party’s Tuesday night at a number of restaurants and hotels in the city. This election night in Chicago guarentees Obama supporters there will not be a shortage of places to celebrate the candidates night in his city.



There are also reports that Obama’s campaign will spend somewhere around 2 million dollars to host what has become the peoples party in Chicago’s famous Grant Park.  


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  1. Great news for me..even I never could vote Barack Obama to be AS President.

    But i support him!
    Proud to be part of his history..


    Comment by Agung Cahyadi — November 5, 2008 @ 2:17 pm | Reply

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