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November 1, 2008

Jennifer Hudson triple tragedy! update 4

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Chicago news outlets report police confirming today that the .45 caliber gun found in an alley is the weapon used in the killing of actress Jennifer Hudson’s mother Darnell Donerson 57, brother Jason Hudson 29 and 7 year old nephew Julian King.


The weapon was sent to ballistics for testing and Friday reports confirm it is the weapon matching evidence connected to the killings of all three victims.


Pleasant Gift Missionary Baptist Church where Jennifer attended as a child with her family is preparing for a memorial to take place Sunday from 4pm to 7pm for the slain family members. Jennifer and her sister Julia will not be in attendance according to a report from her publicist. The family will attend private burial services on Monday for the three slain victims at Apostolic Church of God on the south side of Chicago.


William Balfour 27 remains jailed on charges related to parole violation, he has not been charged with the murders and remains a person of interest in the case. Police have also still been looking into how Balfour’s car was moved to an area near Robeson High School. Reports state a person moved the car to this location last Friday in the noon hour, but school video was not able to reveal the persons identity. The obvious is Balfour unlikely drove two vehicles. Therefore the investigation continues as police search through evidence in the case. The determination of who drove the Balfour’s green car and the driver of Jason’s white SUV is still in question, along with who committed the murders.


Balfour’s mother say’s her son is innocent and did not commit the murders, she say’s her son was at one of his girlfriends’ home according to what she was told by her older son. No arrest made in this case as of this update.



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