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November 1, 2008

Dirty politics headed your way….first Wright !

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The election is just days away from victory being celebrated by one of the two candidates, the question remains who will be left standing? The Barack Obama camp says it’s going to get even dirtier before the end of this election and the John McCain campaign is gearing up for new attacks in the final days.


Obama say’s the John McCain camp will throw every thing they can against the refrigerator and stand back to see if anything sticks. Obviously he knows to duck, because the McCain campaign aired a new commercial featuring Obama speaking his own words praising a job performed by McCain and Lieberman on a project. When asked about this praising during an interview with a reporter Obama admitted to praising the two senators adding that Washington could use more civility like this from its officials working together and  again he was granted another opportunity to stress his respects McCain.


These types of attacks by the McCain campaign on Obama’s character only allows him an opportunity to continuously show he is level headed and willing to work across the lines with those outside his party. What did the McCain camp expect to get in showing the opposing candidate taking the high road in politics? In many ways the McCain camp plays up Obama’s assets, complaining about his eloquence, yet always positioning him to be the bigger person.


Somehow in nearly two years McCain’s campaign just doesn’t get the fact that Obama is solid in his personality and he does not play into the personal attacks. If McCain was a stronger candidate on issues and policy’s relating to the economy Obama’s character would not come into play so much, these attacks are used as a diversion to create fear. Failed attempts to create an angry man to go along with the terrorist claims would have made the case of the campaigns original platform. Instead republican stratergy uses personal attacks covering up McCains inability to fight on economic issue successfully. A decorated war hero McCain is, but he has failed to show his claim of being experienced.


With a few days left in this election Obama will be dodging things thrown at that refrigerator; up next is Reverend Jeremiah Wright in a commercial according to news reports of a recent advertising buy of the campaign. Wright rants and raves in the commerical, and note the family photo’s as another part of the hidden message. This is no surprise, which is the problem with the McCains campaign, when all else fails, here comes someone else’s life issues of men twice Obama’s age that they want people to think of as a 40 something year old man’s friends, people he hangs out with on a regular basis. This is like asking the American people to believe Obama and McCain would be really good hanging buddies, they know each other well due to work, but with the years between them, how close would they have been as true blue friends?


The Obama campaign is effective because of their ability to use logic, reasoning and the understanding that this is business and not personal. The Obama campaign understands business, because in less than two years it has successfully ran this campaign which rivals how Wall Street managed business. While the tax payer’s bailout Wall Street with 700 billion from mismanagement. Obama and his team managed to get nearly the same amount for his campaign from supporters. That’s good campaigning, marketing, promotions, public relations….that’s running a successful business!




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