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November 1, 2008

Chicago, The early vote on the south side!

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The last day in Chicago for early voting was October 30th, and like many it gave me the opportunity to hopefully beat the rush and have my voice heard, while scrolling my name in history as one who contributed to change.  


One of hundreds of south side residents known as the early voters entered the polling place at the King Community Center. An overwhelming number of people were all there to be counted, old, young, some in wheel chairs, and pregnant women standing in line to be one of those who too took part in making history. Having listened to the candidates for nearly two years, it was the visual of hundreds of men, women and young people who put the picture of this election into a frame suitable as an important mental keepsake.


The future of our children is already brighter, as you see them in line alone, with friends or boyfriends with girlfriends, what a sight in seeing that we are already better than we were almost two years ago. Hope is a powerful word, and when combined with action delivers greatness. One man can’t save the world, but he can truly inspire a person, a group or an entire nation.


 There were four women discussing this election and each had a reason for taking part in history. One woman wanted to see an African American man she felt qualified to hold the highest office in the Country. Another wanted her son to know that he too may someday be able be president, this assures him he has the opportunity to be whatever he desires, the woman said. Then there was the woman with her adult son in his thirties, making fun of the line jokingly comparing it to a time when the government handed out the famous blocks of free cheese to poor families. This long line gives a greater benefit of hope to many black men like me said the man.


 Listening to the group discuss the election made me think of my reasoning, as someone short on patience standing in that long line of hundreds of people without complaint defined a moment of what we can accomplish positively if we just believe and take action in life. My vote was important for all of those who fought for blacks and  women to have the right to vote. My vote was in honor of those who gave their lives so that mine would be better, and those who aided the movement risking their own lives. My vote was for those who have always fought for justice and equality, some were black and some were white, but all believed that the world could unify and be stronger someday. I asked myself in the voting booth is today that day?  


The moment I will always remember about this early election voting day is the woman who had earlier stood in line for 5 hours to vote, and left only to return to the polling place with bottles of water, candy, cookies and other treats just to make the process easier for those still waiting in line. The heart of this woman “Ebony” is what this election process means to so many people.

Regardless of this elections outcome Barack Obama is already a winner, bringing together men and women of all races in a common cause to make the world better has impacted many in an amazingly positive way.


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  1. The four women represent so many people in America! Obama O8 🙂

    Comment by The Socialite — November 1, 2008 @ 3:55 pm | Reply

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