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October 30, 2008

Chicago’s Jennifer Hudson triple tragedy! Update 3

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The Jennifer Hudson’s family murder case may finally have new information according to Chicago news outlets reporting on Wednesday that a gun was found thrown in an alley near where the body of 7 year old Julian King was found shot to death in the back seat of the recovered white Suv.


The caliber of the gun was a .45 which police say is the same type used in the murders of Hudson’s family members. The shells matched according to police, and a witness reported seeing a white Suv like the one found driving through the alley Friday afternoon and throwing something out of the window.


Although the recent lead seems promising police also cautioned against jumping to conclusions because in that neighborhood gang activity occurs and members sometimes hide weapons in these type places. The weapon was sent out to be tested and matched to ballistics along with other finding from the crime scene according to news reports.


Hudson’s mother Darnell Donerson and her brother Jason Hudson were shot to death last Friday. The third victim, the actresses nephew 7 year old Julian King’s body was recovered inside of the Suv on Monday.


Police hope to have more answers following Thursday’s ballistic reports. There were also reports saying there potentially could be someone else involved because William Balfour’s car was found at Robeson High school, and he was picked up on the city’s west side by police. Balfour is the husband of Julia Hudson, the actress’s sister, she and Balfour were separated.


Relatives of Balfour continue to speak out, his mother saying that her son is innocent and did not commit the killings.  


Julia Hudson recently updated her MySpace page thanking supporters with a personal message. Her page displays pictures of her family including her son Julian, her top friends include family members, Jennifer, her brother Jason and her estranged husband Balfour who goes by the name of Flex.


Neighbors and strangers continue to place sentiments at the crime scene as they too grieve the lost of Hudsons mother, brother and nephew. Family member removed items from the home earlier and comforted each other as they looked at the various cards, bears and notes left as as shrine at the south side home.


Balfour remains in jail on charges related to his parole violation and has not been charged in the murders. Police continue the investigation as of this update.


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