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October 29, 2008

Chicago’s Jennifer Hudson’s triple tragedy update 2

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According to news reports police say there may have been more than one suspect involved in the brutal killings of actress Jennifer Hudson’s mother Darnell Donerson, brother Jason Hudson and her nephew 7 year old Julian King.


William Balfour continues to be a suspect of interest, but there may have been another person involved. Balfour is husband to Julia Hudson the actresses’ sister and it is reported the two were separated and having conflict.


Police are looking into how Balfour got to the west side of Chicago after the murders on the city’s south side. Witnesses reported seeing his teal Chrysler around 7 am Friday morning on the Hudson’s block. Later police located the car at Robeson High school, leaving the possibility open that another person may have been involved driving him to the west side.


Balfour’s girlfriend told police he arrived at her west side home shortly after the murders of Hudson’s mother and brother were reported to have occurred. Balfour’s mother appeared on news stations, releasing statements in his defense saying he did not commit the murders. Police continue to investigate the crimes, and recently viewed tape at Robeson High school showing the car being parker by an unidentified person Friday afternoon. The location of his car at the school confirms Balfour did not use his car to travel to his girlfriends home following the murders, and the question for police remains how he got to that west side location?


The medical examiners office relased the autopsy report on Tuesday confirming Hudson’s 7 year old nephew King died from multiple gunshot wounds. Kings body was found Monday morning in the rear of the missing white Suv on the citys west side.


The Hudson family set up a fund in honor of slain family members, donations can be made to the following:


“The Hudson-King Domestic Violence Prevention Fund”

  C/O Seaway Bank 

  PO Box 19522

  Chicago Il 60619 




Balfour remains a person of interest and being held on parole violation matters, but no charges have been filed or new suspects named in this tragedy. Police investigation continues as of this update. 



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