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October 26, 2008

Republican Brad Blakeman blast Obama’s visit to sick grandma!

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The recent outrageous statement made by Republican Strategist Brad Blakeman unveiled his lack of sentiment toward Barack Obama’s decision to leave the campaign trail heading to Hawaii to visit his seriously ill grandmother Madelyn Dunham.


Blakeman’s recent complaint of Obama leaving the campaign trail to be at the bedside of his critically ill grandmother is another all time low attack from a republican strategist. He went on to argue that the senator should have carried his bags onto a commercial flight instead of using his 767 Jet plane. What fantasy was he in thinking that a candidate under such threats and attacks should board a commercial flight, especially while lose cannons as him exist encouraging anger toward the candidate with lies of terrorist affiliations and other ridiculous statements. His rudeness and obvious insensitivity is not shocking, but instead clearly displays his lack of substance, and obviously not one concerned about ill loved ones, hope his family knows where he would be in the event one of them were ill.


Obama is a human being, a person first and candidate second, his family was important and will remain so, who is Blakeman to question if he should go, when, or in what manner he should travel. Obama’s obligation to family matters is his own business and not that of this campaign Regardless of party, family obligation of urgent matters should be at the top of a candidate’s priority list, and thankfully most reasonable Americans can agree or at least respect the visit as being important.


What type of person would even attack such a visit placing it in question, and even more outrageous compare a visit to one’s ill grandmother to a shopping expenditure of 150,000 dollars spent on Governor Sarah Palin? The direction taken by many opposing Obama is questionable to say the least. Never in defense of political platforms or views, whispering about the economy, but shouting about terrorist, preachers, and visits to grandmothers.


Adding insult to injury in his statement Blakeman referred to the senator’s grandmother as grandma, a term of endearment, which is in question in his usage. The lack of respect is overwhelming to watch concerning Obama in this campaign. The common decency element seems to not apply to him as a candidate for some critiques. And this is a poor reflection of professionals displaying such outwardly dismissive behavior which has done nothing but fuel supporters to fight harder for this candidate as he brushes it all off, as this race nears end the attacks become more and more personal and damaging to the Country as a whole.



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