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October 23, 2008

Republicans agree Palin not ready to lead!

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Things seem to get worst by the day for John McCain and Sarah Palin, two high profile Republicans questioning her readiness to be president, first General Colin Powell suggested she was not ready for the job, and then California Governor Arnold Swarzenegger said she would learn; also validating she is not ready to be commander in chief.


John McCain’s message is that there is no room for on the job training, did he mean except for his vice presidential candidate? The on going training has been happening right before the public’s eyes, from the lack of knowledge on what a vice presidents job description is, a mistake she has made twice, once during her debate, and again with a group of school children. There are times when one has to feel sorry for this Palin; it’s not her fault she was thrown from the plane by the McCain campaign without a parachute.


Palin also has to take some responsibility for the negative press she is receiving,  she is very well aware of the fact that her policy stands and record did not get her the nomination for the job. Had she humbled herself to the people and media in this truth, she would have been viewed as a more serious candidate expressing a desire to learn, instead of babbling on incoherently pretending to know the answers to questions she had little to no knowledge available to provide a correct response, while leaving many of her interviewers with looks of amazement on national media platforms


Many say people are being too tough on Palin, when you constantly make remarks that are incorrect you are going to have to answer for them, and not knowing the job description for the second most important office in the country is inexcusable for a candidate, this point applies to any person seeking office.


Instead of McCain campaign investing 150,000 in clothes for Palin, maybe someone assigned to brief her on government would have been better appropriation for those funds. She would have been stronger as a competitor, and it all comes down to knowledge and competence in the election, although you never no what you get when a gift is wrapped, if the package is neat and professionally wrapped you can assume it might be something you will at minimum appreciate.




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