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October 23, 2008

Palin’s Road to Pennsylvania Av. (Fashion)

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The McCain campaign did not have to spend 150,000 on Governor Sarah Palin’s wardrobe, and the women defending these expenses are only serving self interest and not that of everyday Americans.


Various women in television media are justifying the extravagant spending by the McCain/ Palin campaign on clothing, hair and make-up. Supporting and defending that as a woman she has to look good on camera. One commentator said women are judged so harshly on how they look. Well, maybe these women are feeding into their own egos because many women manage to achieve this goal daily, both in media and executive positions.  


Hillary Clinton was used as an example noting how she was treated during the campaign, well her clothing; make up and hair didn’t have a thing to do with the outcome of her candidacy. There is a difference between her gender and her style, and to compare Clinton and Palin in the same topic area is chilling. Clinton is respected for her brains and classic style, no matter what you dress Palin in she looks good, but push the elevator button and see how long you wait.


Michelle Obama on the other hand has set a great example on how to wear great outfits, some right off the department store racks without breaking the bank. She dresses elegantly based on the event, and is actually far more relatable to the average woman and mother in her casual dress style.


What these women defending the expense of 150,000 forget, is that people are too busy dealing with the current economic disaster to deal with fashion do’s and don’ts of the privileged few thriving in this market. Dear television host, of course there will be a  few people not liking your hair or outfit, maybe they too have money to spend like the McCain Palin campaign, or just poor taste. Life is too difficult right now, don’t sweat the small stuff. Looking good is an art and a matter of style, not the size of ones budget.  


 What are people thinking about? The truth,  the money is there to spend, and the choice was made to spend it because somebody heard voices in their head that said if we dress her a certain way people will be more receptive. Those defending the expense show me the stats that Palin’s numbers are raised due to beautiful clothes and hair style. Is her new hot fashion look the ticket to Pennsylvania Av.?





  1. Hi. I read a few of your other posts and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links?

    Comment by Jeff Atkinson — October 23, 2008 @ 8:19 am | Reply

  2. how much did Obama, McCain, or Biden spend on their wardrobe? The argument would hold some weight if we had something to compare it to. Mrs. Obama isn’t running, therefore she should not be in the equation. if after getting the amoount the other candidates spend, it appears that her clothes are more expensive, then you have an argument. but please also remember, womens clothes are more expensive. That would only account for a thousand dollar increase between the numbers, but please, let’s hear all the numbers before we start jumping down her throat.

    Comment by Josie — October 23, 2008 @ 3:17 pm | Reply

  3. Hi Josie:)
    My point is regardless of which candidate it is, including Obama, Biden and McCain, people really don’t care about wardrobe needs during this election. The money spent is ridiculous and average people can’t afford basic expenses and this is shallow to even report on. The problem is the other candidates were not reported on, if they were my point would include them as well.
    The only reason I mentioned Michelle Obama is that some media reported on her dinning at the Waldorf ordering lobster and caviar, as you said she is not running, yet her every move is reported on as if she were, including what she wears, so I agree with you, but obviously the rest of our media doesn’t because they report on her saying that because she could possibly be the next first lady these things are important. In regards to the clothing for Palin, the wardrobe has no direct reflection on her or any other candidates ability to perform the job. If economic times were different this might not be a significant point.

    Comment by noirwomannews — October 23, 2008 @ 3:58 pm | Reply

  4. point taken….i keep trying to make the argument that if she wore clothes from The Gap and Target and the like that she would be ridiculed. but i just can’t make it. it’s amazing how many knockoffs look like the real thing, and unless someone is looking at every label you wear, really what does it matter. either way she won’t win. people are just waiting for something to get her on, so it’s either she spends too much on clothes or she wear non-lables because “after all she shoots moose, and people that do that have no class.” but if she is truthfully “one of us” i guess she really should wear what the majority wears…and that is off the rack clothes.

    however….all this SHOULD be mute, because, yes, there are more important things to report on.

    Comment by Josie — October 23, 2008 @ 4:43 pm | Reply

  5. Exactly, we women manage to look good without breaking the bank, and as you said no one knows the labels except us. And at this point in our economic position who really cares what she or any of the other candidates are wearing? maybe they shouldn’t put focus on it and we wouldn’t have to talk about it. What matters is what they are doing to enchance the lives of everyday people who are not in the postion to shop extravagantly. I think I should look good too, I need about 150,000 to impress the world as a blogger and journalist. i wonder if I spend that much if they would hire me at CNN as a host because I fit the image of of looking good:)

    Comment by noirwomannews — October 23, 2008 @ 5:32 pm | Reply

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