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October 20, 2008


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Former Secretary of State General Colin Powell recently handed the conductor his ticket for the Barack Obama express train. Powell endorsed the candidate during his Meet the Press interview Sunday morning.


The Republicans have serious struggles in the party due to the racial tone and character attacks against Obama. The other problem is the selection of running mate Governor Sarah Palin, many think she is not qualified to be president including Powell.


The McCain campaign’s inability to stay on track with the issues or a platform did not go unnoticed with Powell, so his decision to endorse Obama is of no surprise. The McCain campaign eliminated issues in exchange for character attacks, and even racial attacks during some of Palin’s rallies where she failed to intervene during racial outburst. Every warrior knows there are rules in combat, and the McCain camp discarded the list.


The campaign lacked direction and at times was dirty on character attacks on the candidate and his wife, all this leaving Powell to struggle with his alliance to support John McCain as a candidate.. McCain should have taken charge of his own campaign instead of allowing others to display him as someone without control or a plan. Some of his own supporters questioned who was this McCain? Not the man many had known obviously.


 Critics quickly questioned Powell’s decision being one motivated by race, that is also of no surprise. However, blacks have historically supported none black candidates, what do we call that decision? Again must we question a man’s character for supporting the candidate he feels is best suited as the next leader, a decision allowing him to place the Country and people as a whole above the Party? What about when Reverend Jesse Jackson ran or president, how quickly we forget the media explaining that a lot of blacks didn’t support him, which is true, because some did not agree that he was the correct candidate. The point is, blacks don’t support blacks just because they are black, they support Obama on qualifications, and the fact that his being black only allows room for some to ralate to him more as a candidate on a personal level.


Powell’s an honorable man known for making tough decisions, this time he struggled with a friendship of 25 years with McCain, his party and his responsibility to do what he felt was right for himself and the people. It is not for him to be judged, but respected as a high ranking military official and as a citizen exercising the freedom our Country grants, and just as Obama, Powell too just happens to be black. Major publications throughout this Country is also endorsing Obama, they too are Republican leaning publications.



The struggle of being a black Republican in the African American community is enormous for Powell and others, yet Powell was accepted because he spoke with intellect and carried himself as a true leader serving in the interest of all people. He did this while staying true to his party. When his party failed him, he still stood and was honest with his Country during the crisis of the Iraq war. He is well respected not only by his party but outsiders who respect his distinctive service even though they may not have agreed with his political alliances.


Powell echo’s the words of many Obama supporters, also seeking a next generation leader, that new image, new face to politics and he is Obama. The leader many see as someone who  listens to the people and capable of correcting the current economic problems. Obama is also seen as the most likeable as the two candidates in public polls, and possibly most suited to renew relationships worldwide. Powell recognized Obama’s unifying ability while watching him reach out to all Americans throughout his campaign, all races, gender and the youth. Another plus was temperament,  Obama is favored by Powell as steady, using intellect, communication and a natural curiosity as leader that he views as willing to work across party lines and with other world leaders for the common good.


With great concern Powell discussed current educational statistics in the Country as delivered statistics that 1/3 of students do not graduate high school, and 50% of minorities fail to graduate high school. These are alarming numbers showing failure in the current education policies. Obama has also stressed the urgency to resolve problems in our educational system if the United States intends to compete globally and remain a leader in the world.


Powell’s endorsement supports the state the Country is in today, and how he thinks Obama is better prepared to lead this generation as well as the next into a changing world of technology, energy, and expanding education. Serious steps are needed in order for families to prosper and the Country to hold the position as a world leader.




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