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October 17, 2008


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The Chaffey Community Republicans Women hit an all time low depicting an image of presidential candidate Barack Obama on a phony $10 dollar bill with non other than African American stereotyped images of a bucket of fried chicken, a watermelon and ribs.

 The insult is not as much in the act; it is instead in the justification by denial of the group’s president Diane Fedele that it was racist. Amazingly she though it would be a good way to focus on a comment Obama made early in his campaign that he being an African American didn’t look like the past president which had appeared on dollar bills in our country. Well, I personally find that hard to digest and believe her intent was to use race as a negative aspect of Obama as a candidate and get a laugh at his expense from her group of like minded friends. The act was shameful and shows her character and the obvious sense of values she hold so very high.

 The images posted showing Obama face on a donkey’s body labeled as a United States Food Stamp is not what the senator from Illinois meant when he expressed himself as different, however Fedele was surely aware of this fact when she wrote in text if Obama was to become president his picture would appear on a Food Stamp.

The excuse used in defense of her non racist position that she once voted for Republican Alan Keys is also not an excuse for the act. Racism takes on many forms and is displayed in many ways, and never can it justified. Maybe she should ask Keyes if he found it humorous, better yet if he would consider using it as a platform in his next run for public office as her candidate of choice. Another person she may want to speak with is African American Republican group member Sheila Raines who also took offense to the images, and said these tpes of acts may be another reason which prevents African Americans from joining the party.  Well she may be right, why would one join a group showing this type of a racist act.

As an African American woman who has been first in attending a high school in suburban Chicago and as the only journalist of color at a suburban newspaper organization, and as the only black family on the block in a northwestern suburban Chicago suburb at one point, let me say that your remarks had they been expressed by my suburban welcoming committee I would have understood clearly not to expect any invitations to the social gatherings in the future. The upside here is that at least you are upfront about your feelings, but maybe the other black republicans should all get the memo on where you stand, never hurst to get a heads up or little FYI.

The actions taken are the very reasons the country steps back a few feet into racism as we attempt to move forward toward  reaching  a  point where race does not matter. The upside is that while the images presented by this group are ignorant and unacceptable, there are many people capable of tolerance and others who truly believe in equality for all Americans regardless of race, creed or color.

The lesson for all would be to think prior to creating a racially hostile environment with words and actions which could potentially poison all, including your own agenda, family, friends but most importantly your reputation and that of others you may harm. While racism has improved over time, it still exist on some level and many African Americans struggle daily to overcome the hurdles presented, and as long as this is a fact in our Country racist acts and images will not and should not be tolerated or taken lightly. Most Americans prefer racial harmony over division ,and fight to bridge the gap, not increase the line of racial division.








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