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October 16, 2008

Strike 3..McCains Smoking Guns..Bill Ayers..Acorn..Not!

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John McCain has a difficult time controlling his temper when it comes to Barack Obama, he lets him get under his skin, which always leads him down that road ranting out old worn out subjects of William Ayers and Acorn. His predictable thought to be smoking gun which for the third time failed to go off.


Surely his supporters were happy as he attacked Barack Obama personally on proposed relationships paling around with so called terrorist in Chicago. On the defensive in the first half of this debate Obama explained his relationship as professional while maintaining composure with a slow and steady pace on business instead of allowing to be drawn into distractions.


McCain seized yet another opportunity to launch accusations of Obama running a negative campaign, and even complained of being out spent in advertising 6-1 in every city. The point of him whining about his campaign finances was another ridiculous statement , since when should one candidate feel sorry for another due to budget problems? This is a competition not a joint venture and surely if the budgets were reversed he would have no sympathy towards his opponent. 


The best punch line was when McCain delivered his “I am not George Bush” message which was pretty good, but a hard sell. That will probably be the highlight of his campaign, along with Sarah Palin’s brilliant contributions to either the campaign or Saturday Night Live, depending on what she left you with as a lasting impression. The two men are very different in approach, one wants to verbally tear your head off, and the other is a mental warrior who wants to use his head. We currently have an aggressor in office with a war like fighting attitude, so what’s wrong with trying the opposite, maybe a cooler head will prevail.


Obama gets criticized for being calm and unwavering in his presence, well level headed isn’t such a bad thing, especially when your opponent is obviously irritated with the very presence of you, let alone his constant reference to how eloquent you are as a speaker. With McCain’s temperature on the rise someone needed to keep a level head. Several times Obama looked puzzled at McCain visibly showing he was not in agreement with a comment, yet never showing any sign of anger. He firmly presented opposing views and was ready to move on to another topic, clearly showing self control.


There was not a moving moment in this debate, yes a few jabs from McCain which were of no surprise or any real significance. Obama held the usual steady pace with no intent to be taken off his game by personal attacks; actually he welcomed them for the next three weeks. The best thing the McCain camp can do is to get on the high road to somewhere, because the road to nowhere is slowly running to a dead end.  



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