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October 13, 2008

Who Is The Real Sarah Palin?

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Sarah Palin spends her time on the campaign trail attempting to tear away at Barack Obama’s character, while keeping silent about her own ethics in question which are the recent findings that she abused her powers as governor in Alaska.


The old saying don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house should ring loudly in the ears of the McCain Palin camp. Barracuda Palin continues to make character attacks on Obama and allow increased racial and hate remarks during her campaign stops. This only validates the fact that she has no business on anyone’s campaign trail. There is no excuse of her lacking the judgment to use reason and address racial outburst with her audiences on the political trail. McCain finally intervened, he should not have allowed this type of campaign. This is a disgrace to politics.


Palin failed her own character test when it was determined she misused her powers as governor in the case against her ex brother in law. She was accused of having him fired from his job for personal reasons related to her family. She stated she was in fear of her life and that of her families. Well there was no evidence supporting her fears.  


Instead of her ranting about who is the real Obama, she should come out with answering the question who is the real Sarah Palin? Fortunately she gave American a chance to figure out the answer to that question through her informative interviews in the media. Way to go Palin…..pump up the racial tensions in the Country to divert America away from the economic crisis which is far more important at the moment. 


The history of the history is not all pretty in election 2008.




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