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October 13, 2008

A Kinder Gentler McCain/Palin

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Although it shouldn’t have taken national media reporting on the tone of the McCain Palin campaign strategy to put a stop to personal attacks on Barrack Obama, apparently it worked as we see a calmer gentler McCain/Palin on the rise.


Most Americans understand that candidates will attack on the issues and that sometimes they just down right don’t like each other personally. However in this case there were no initial signs that the two candidates had a strong dislike for each other, yet as the campaign continued it became evident that the McCain camp would stop at nothing to drive home his claims of Obama’s affiliation to terrorist in an attempt to cause fear in the American people. Unfortunately a small group of people are buying into the tactic.


Main stream media outlets reported on the harshness of McCain’s campaign and specifically Sarah Palins ability to motivate her party during rallies which many times led to racial outburst and tempers flaring. Palin made no attempts to calm down the crowd as she smiled and continued speaking during the campaign stops.


Recently McCain addressed the issue on the campaign trail as he interrupted a woman attending his rally who stated she would not vote for Obama because he was a Muslim. McCain corrected the woman and defended Obama, he again repeated defending the Senator when another of his audience members expressed fear of Obama if he were to become president.


These two stories are just a sample of how Americans are taken in by false statements reported in the media and reflected in the candidates’ advertisements and statements on the campaign trail. Many are laymen, not knowledgeable about campaigns and how strategy is used to focus on areas of weakness to play up this with potential voters who will take the remarks and statements for fact just because they are printed, heard on radio or viewed on television.


The right to vote is a personal right, and it is the responsibility of voters to be informed about the candidates, yet it is difficult to obtain true and factual information when what was once relied upon as solid sources for news now takes part in coffee table gossip where just about anyone can grab a mike and become an expert.


This election reflects the danger of ratings overriding ethics of journalism and broadcasting. The real victims are the American people of many who rely on accurate reporting of information to assist them with analyzing candidates. In this modern age of media the internet also contributes to misinformation with blogs and emails soaring with a speed of light to report on candidates with fact and fiction.


Election 2008 will in the end allow for deep analysis on campaigning and media practice, both online and mainstream. Candidates are aware of media and use them to the advantage when possible, yet the moment mistakes are made or patterns cause speculation the same media will return sway to the natural stand which is to protect and inform the people.




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  1. this is spot on …

    yet another good post.

    Comment by Josie — October 13, 2008 @ 5:47 pm | Reply

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