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October 9, 2008

The Obama’s Legacy…Barack and Michelle!

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America has been privileged to glancing into the lives of two well educated and refined individuals who appear as loving, family oriented and have a passion to make a difference in this world though their sacrifice to serve.


What makes them special is that Barack and Michelle Obama are African American, and their profile is not what the country is accustomed to viewing. The overall picture of African Americans in our Country is not that of a loving couple, father mother both with an Ivy League education, rarely is the public image good at all.


This should not be exotic, but when you look at the coverage in regards to this group as a whole, this picture is not one that is presented. It’s the opposite that we see most, the rapper, sport figures and on the nightly news it’s the neighborhood hoodlum unable to articulate the answers to questions being asked. These are African Americans the world has become comfortable with knowing.


In my world as a African American this is not unusual, yet to some even in our communities it’s not anywhere near the typical black family. There are many professionals in the communities well educated professionals snapshots of this family throughout the Black community.  I will add that all of America has a mixture of persons of varying economic and social standing, so to portray a group in one way leads to unfair judgments which can be credited to lack of factual knowledge.


The Obama’s are simply a picture of what this Country has neglected to highlight. Exotic, unusual is only because no one focused on the attorney’s, physicians, corporate CEO’s professors and a long list of black professionals dedicated to personal achievement, strengthening and impacting their communities and the world at large.   


This 2008 election has moved the Country and the world by provoking curiosity and even the desire to look deep inside ourselves. The history of the first woman candidate, Hillary Clinton, and the first black Barack Obama opened us up to the possibilities of what are capabilities are as a Nation.


Although it’s tough for some to digest, as time goes by many are listening, watching and realizing that we are so much more alike than we knew, and maybe this say’s something about the images that are projected in our Country. True diversity is inclusion, and learning each others cultures, and understanding that its fear which keeps the dream of racial harmony so far away in our Country.


Barack and Michelle Obama have shown the world that there is a different side of the black life, culture and the experience. This portrait of  what it is also like to be black in America makes our Nation look stronger and even more powerful as a leader. As African Americans we embrace all sides of our culture including the not so pretty sides. African Americans should be publicly displayed from all perspectives, not just the negative sides of the cuture.


To whom much is given much is required and the Obama’s learned this lesson long ago as they began the path to education, family and personal sacrifice to serve the people, not blacks, whites but all, by giving a voice to those less fortunate and ultimately inspiring others with greatness of their own obligation to be proactive in impacting change. This is and will be the Legacy of Barack and Michelle Obama.  



  1. okay here’s a question…

    do you think we don’t hear more about prominent African Americans because of their nature? this is what i mean.

    when a white man (this can be changed to woman, but for the sake of speed i will just say man) achieves something big they want it to be known. they want the pat in the back, they want the recognition in the paper. when a black man achieves something great, they do achieve it because it is their mission and goal, not to see their name in the paper. granted it is nice to be acknowledge, no one is disputing this, but in my opinion it is usually the “white” achievers that seek out the media.

    another reason is of course what you touched on. the underlaying race issue. no matter how many they try to cover it up, broadcasters will always try to find the most jacked up African American to put on the screen. The only time you see the jacked up white poeple is on shows like “COPS” and shows with comedic undertones.

    now there is an argument that this can in some sense cannot be helped. much more crime happens in lower class neighborhoods where you will find a high population of blacks and latin americans. why? is it because they don’t strive for something better? no it’s because no matter how MUCH they strive, no one is listening to their plea.

    we hear someone lives in Newark and we grind our teeth thinking oh geesh, i don’t want to be near that person. the PERSON is not the problem….the environment in which they live in is the problem. take some of that money that you pour into already affluent communities and help restore the ones that truly need it. but then the argument comes back that “oh yes, well we try to fix up the neighborhoods, but they continue to commit crimes.

    most of the crimes that are commited by blacks and latin americans are crimes committed out of desperation. they NEED to steal in order to feed their families and so forth. and no, i am not condoning the behaviour, but people are so quick to judge.

    go into those communities and really study the population. i bet you there are many more Obamas and Micheles out there. no, i take that back, i GARUANTEE you. but not one really wants to do that do they? they don’t have the time, they can’t be bothered, or maybe it’s just pure fear…will it be the end to a white rich man’s country?

    it may be about time…

    Comment by Josie — October 9, 2008 @ 8:15 pm | Reply

  2. Honestly, I don’t think it is in these times intentionally that blacks are portrayed this way, but I do think it is a continuation of what has been portrayed over the years based on stereotype.
    If this is what one thinks, it is projected as being so. When you grow up in enviorments lacking close association with other cultures, then you learn of those cultures through stories, media, friends and family. Not always accurate representation.
    I don’t think whites seek out being notices,instead its an automatice response in them getting noticed. In reality there are people of all races who committ crimes, yet one would be lead to believe only minorities do, However our prison systems reflect a diverse culture.
    The realty is people will never as a whole respect or trust those they are uncomfortable with,tolerate yes. But isn’t that what they discuss most in race relations…Tolerance! There is the problem, to tolerate is not going to change anything…it allowes one to bury for the sake of getting along.
    Regarding crime, the system breeds those to committ crimes when there is no work, self confidence or respect given to a man. That is a visual of man seen regardless of race, but it is a constant in black community. Not an excuse, but a reality which we need to improve…many young black men feel powerless to live in a world which they feel rejected by, so they go on the wrong side the law selling drugs or what ever it takes to make money or sometimes make them feel a little better about self. Not the right thing to do, but have we shown them differently?

    Comment by noirwomannews — October 10, 2008 @ 12:40 am | Reply

  3. There is no sin except stupidity.OscarWildeOscar Wilde

    Comment by Security And Prosperity Partnership — October 10, 2008 @ 10:10 am | Reply

  4. Correct, and your point in comment would be ?

    Comment by noirwomannews — October 10, 2008 @ 11:31 pm | Reply

  5. ha!

    im still thinking about your response to my comment….ill respond back soon.

    Comment by Josie — October 11, 2008 @ 12:51 am | Reply

  6. Just saw you on echodemic and thought your user name sounded like something I’d be interested in…Obama is up!

    Comment by Jessica Winston — October 11, 2008 @ 9:10 pm | Reply

  7. Thanks for stopping by Jessica!

    Comment by noirwomannews — October 11, 2008 @ 9:14 pm | Reply

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