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October 8, 2008

Debate 2 “Obama/ Skill McCain/ temper?

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The night belonged to Senator Barrack Obama as he skillfully took on Senator John McCain in yesterday’s debate while many Americans were looking for the answer to determine which candidate would be most capable in restoring America’s economy.


Moderated by Tom Brokaw the men answered his questions on their platforms for healthcare, energy, war and most important the economy. The candidates also took questions from the audience in the town hall meeting format. The answers were general and the candidates styles very different.


Obama delivered clear and concise answers connecting John McCain to President George Bush and his policies at every available opportunity. McCain attacked Obama’s readiness to lead as well as his stand on taxes. Obama swung back  attacking McCains proposed tax stand saying it only benefited the wealthy, and added that his healthcare plan would cost employers money , which would wash out the $5000.00 credit he offered.


There were questions concerning Obama’s ability to debate well in a Town Hall setting, mainly because he has usually spoken in very large venues. He performed well by speaking directly to audience members and directly to John McCain when debating an issue. McCain did not look at Obama when speaking nor did he address him personally during the debate.


Obama appeared very presidential, reserved, focused and displayed an even temperament which clearly shows his ability to handle stressful situations. He took a few personal jabs from McCain which didn’t appear to penetrate.


McCain questioned Obama’s readiness, leadership and taxes and ultimately accused him of needing on the job training. He questioned Obama’s record in the Senate, his friends in Chicago and finally pointing back while referring to him as “That One,” Which was disrespectful.


Following the debate McCain quickly left the venue while Obama stayed behind visiting  with the audience participants. There was little interaction at the close of this debate, as Obama reached out to shake McCains hand he ignored the Senators attempt and Cindy gracefully extended her hand instead. Obvious conclusion leads one to believe the tension is high between the two candidates.


Although there are still many questions on the economy, my guess is it will be impossible to get solid answers until the next president gets on the job and makes a total assessment of our financial problems across the board.



McCain lost round two in the debates, and he also managed to lose a little self control which is dangerous as he appeared personal and showed poor sportsmanship, these candidates have a responsibility as our children are watching their performances to show each other respect and attack on the issues not personal matters which have no place in our Country’s politics.   




  1. i have been hearing obama being called “The One” for quite a while. from the media to grocery shoppers. knowing that, for mccain to refer to him as such was in fact highly disrespectful. he should at no point lower a candidate debate forum to living room talk.

    it’s amazing that you are one of the few people touching the issue of how it appears to our children as they sit and watch it. these are two people that we are supposed to regard highly. and children really aren’t and shouldn’t be overly concerned with the politics. they are children. what they focus on is how these two people interact with each other. the bullies of the play-yard can argue “see he didn’t shake his hand and he could be president, so why should i be nice to others” while the picked on kids can argue “great becoming an adult it no better, they are always saying be nice to others but they can’t do it themselves.” it’s quite sad to watch.

    my concern with the 5k credit is that while it is intended for healthcare, most people will not be using it for that. they will be using it to outstanding bills. however one can argue it’s better than nothing which is what obama is proposing. there is also the issue of where companies are going to come up with that money. i know i wouldn’t be able to pay my 20 employess 5k extra each. that’s 100k. now yes, small business will get a relief and breaks in order to come up with that money, but most small business are already in debt to begin with, so the breaks they recieve will just be used to catch up not to play by todays new mandate.

    my main frustration was Toms lack of hard hitting questions. he seemed to softball everything. mccain seemed to just touch answers on the surface, and obama just kept repeating himself and his points. being as knowledgable and good at his job he should have been on point with questions and accepted no double talk or repetitiveness. HOWEVER, why was he asking questions at all? this was a town hall meeting. the audience is the one that asks the questions in this style. they were given so many rules it kind of seemed pointless to even have them there. they couldn’t laugh, make distractions, nothing. i get the no distractions as some get carried away with it. but come on! it’s like they were asked not to interact at all. i guess they were worried about off the wall or hard hitting questions. but yet again…isn’t the the point?!?!?!?!?!


    Comment by Josie — October 8, 2008 @ 8:03 pm | Reply

  2. The Children are always my first thought in writing on any subject, as they are our future and many of us neglect the importance of our responsibility to them socially and morally.
    The debate was rather weak, lacking substance but I expect this
    economy is difficult to attack without a wide scope view of all of our finances as a Country.
    It made for being very boring with little communication directed at each other, and the no smile or laughter rule. I also agree that the questions were generic and allowed for a simular type response.
    In regards to the insurance, yeah right Americans are broke and in the mail comes $5000.00..Insurance or food, gas, school, rent or house payment…It’s already proven that Americans forgo health insurance due to the fact it is not affordable…The problem is no solved with a credit.
    Matters on Small Businesses, well they are not speaking to true small business owners anyway. A companies importance is measured by its quarterly revenue. That’s the art of Lobbyist.

    They don’t get it..the point!

    Comment by noirwomannews — October 8, 2008 @ 8:31 pm | Reply

  3. i really must say i like our discussions. keep up the great work.

    Comment by Josie — October 8, 2008 @ 8:35 pm | Reply

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