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October 7, 2008

Sarah Palin Politics for Dummies 02 !

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Governor Sarah Palin proved in her debate with Senator Joe Biden that she was capable of using message in place of knowledge as she was unable to answer most of Moderator Gwen Ifill’s direct questions relating to the economy and world affairs.


McCain praised her winning presence that only he was witness to in this debate where Palin proved once again to be out of her league measured up against a seasoned knowledgeable professional like Biden. Clearly showing once again the silliness of politics and how our so called leaders are underestimating the intellect of Americans.  Another failed attempt to make us all believe this woman has the knowledge to lead the Country.


What’s most disturbing is that Palin is not qualified to hold office as Vice President or president, and women have worked hard to gain equal rights, yet supporting her goes beyond party lines and directly to qualifications. Saturday Night Live couldn’t have known they would receive such a gift for comedy skits in this 2008 election year.


The cutesy winks and reference to Joe Six Pack and Hockey Moms means little when all Americans are suffering from loss of jobs, homes and increased cost in food, gas and inability to send children to college.


Palin winks America’s problems away with her cuteness expecting us to ignore her lack of knowledge. The most amazing moment was when she didn’t even know what the Vice Presidents Job was or the boundaries as stated in the constitution. In all states it is required that you pass the constitution prior to graduating from high school, did she miss the test?


 Understandably as time goes by we may forget information learned early on, but as a candidate running for Vice President, her first crash course should have been to refresh her knowledge of the office she  attempting to claim, at least make Americans feel you understand the basic responsibilities of the office you intend to serve, and the Constitution. Is this really asking too much? We’ve come a long way baby, and this is where we are today as women? Palin is an embarrassment to her party and to women everywhere fighting for jobs they are qualified to hold.


As she continues to be guarded from reporters, which is understandable after the Katie Couric interview where she failed to answer basic questions on reading materials and of course the big world affairs questions were stumpers. Most Americans would prefer cute with intelligence to go along with the winks, smiles and head shakes. Women are nauseated with Palins use of cuteness and folksiness in place of knowledge.



McCain’s choice say’s to the people he wants to win by any means necessary, and that includes putting a woman who is not qualified on the ticket and putting the Country at risk. This is Country first? No it’s not Mc Cain, this is self first. The Vice Presidential debate clearly showed Palin as uninformed on issues as they pertain to the executive levels of government.

This doesn’t mean Palin is not smart or a good person, it means she is not ready and needs a little more time running her state, and advancing gradually through government to grow as a person and to develop a level of knowledge. Her party was wrong to push her out there without a working parachute. She was destined to fall from the plane and they knew her parachute didn’t work.


Palin on the other hand can stand there and be cute and smile while delivering no substance which is what she seems to do best, all in the name of a movement for women, when ironically most women are finding her nauseating as they cringe in fear to what answer will come from her mouth in regards to policy issues. Good job guy’s, she’s the one to take you all the way to Pennsylvania Ave.




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