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September 28, 2008


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Barack Obama and John McCain stood before the American people in what many anticipated to be “The Great Debate.”


Appearing presidential and in control was a plus for Obama, his confidence and strong presence serves him well in a debate setting.  McCain initially looked uneasy, later finding his rhythm to perform late in the debate.


However, when the issues were on the economy, both  Obama and McCain failed to give clear direction on a solution to prevent the current financial failure in the future. Both candidates were vague as to how they would deal as President with the current financial situation to be inherited.


McCain reassured everyone of his Maverick status which allows him to work across party lines to get the job done. Also saying he was not always in agreement with current President George Bush on issues. He was quickly reminded by Obama as to how many times he voted in Bush’s favor on policies.


The candidates were questioned about the 700 billion dollar bailout deal sitting in congress awaiting approval. Both candidates said they would support the deal if the proper clauses were present. Obama added his support was only to bailout the American people, while McCain was supporting Bush as he had in the past.


The two men debated issues on healthcare, Obama’s plan to make healthcare available to all Americans, while McCain opposite plan would make Americans and corporations responsible for healthcare and not the government. Obama attacked his plan saying the $5000.00 proposed health care credit would have to be paid by employers which was not helping Americans.


As for the major issue, (the economy), neither candidate had a roaring moment, McCain attacked big corporations on one hand saying they needed to be accountable, yet in the next breath he wanted to decrease business tax cuts from the current 35% to a new rate of 11%.


Obama said the current business tax rate is appropriate mainly because most corporations use tax loop holes and never pay 35%, therefore it’s a waste to address cutting their taxes. Instead wanting to give the tax breaks to the middle class. McCain said Obama’s plan cost too much money.


The great debate was not really that great at all, watching McCain fumbled looking uncomfortable most of the time, with the exception of discussing the war he failed to deliver a moving moment in history.  Obama was not able to give a defining moment in this debate either; he did however use extreme intellect in giving answers and seemed to be more in touch than McCain.



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