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September 26, 2008

Bush Bails us out /McCain bails out on Obama

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President George Bush said we are in a serious financial crisis, in other words everybody is broke or headed that way, and he intends to bail out the corporations in order to protect the consumers and foreign investors.


The clue came long before AIG, Merril Lynch or Lehman Brothers began to head in a downward spiral. Recently joining the crash team is Washington Mutual one of the largest savings and loans in the Country. They were purchased today by Chase adding further injury to our economy.


Bush spoke of responsibility lying on corporations, bank lenders and individuals using poor judgment. There is truth to all of the above, yet how did the commander in chief not no of these problems prior to September? Several weeks prior Bush said we were facing challenging times.


What a difference a day makes, the country now requires immediate action from congress to save the future of Americans and our position in the world. Various press conferences during this year Bush stated our economy as being solid. . How is it that this country’s leader was unaware of a problem which took years to reach the point of financial disaster?


Congress now has to approve 700 billion dollars to bail out the corporations and protect consumers as well as be accountable to foreign debts. And if this isn’t enough the American people are guessing whether a debate will even take place on Friday. This follows Senator John McCain decision to suspend his candidacy in the name of Country first.


Maybe someone should remind McCain he has been away from congress for nearly two years running his campaign. The American people deserve to hear these candidates debate. The running should have taken place to offer assistance in helping the current administration avoid the financial catastrophes while blinded eyes existed over the past eight years.


While McCain rushes to show his ability to lead us to victory in Congress, Governor Palin is still reading from the politics for dummies manual on the talk show circuit. This entire situation is completely out of Control. Barack Obama is not sure if he will debate McCain or conduct a town hall meeting in Mississippi.


In addition to an increased unemployment rate announced, high gas prices, food cost increasing, major financial institutions crashing,  the last thing the American people need is one more uncertainty in life.  Finally, it has bee agreed upon that the debate will go as planned tonight.


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