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September 22, 2008

Social Network Overload disorder

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I have to admit initially the idea of business friendships created online seemed a little crazy, and as a mother of a college student it was with her help I launched out there on my own with “MYSPACE”.


Instantly I was hooked, locating friends and creating new business alliances proved to be a time saver. Learning to design pages and add company info proved to be a great way to network my company in a place I could call “MYSPACE.”


Then came the day I realized many people coming to the site really looked for a platform  to market constantly. Every day another event or request to look at a music page, new artist and eventually I had to take a break from my own space.


Friends suggested I jump on the “LINKED IN” movement, so I went to the adult area to network with like minded professionals. Yes, there are adults here and I joined the ranks and submerged my energies into networking.


Learning about each person and what they did was fascinating. Then as time went by I realized I was getting pretty board with being “LINKED IN”. Truthfully as a media person I really like communicating with those that I know, and enjoy introductions to new people via face to face, or at least a phone meeting.  


Finally I had found the place for me “TWITTER” a place to link to for news and information. There you follow and find followers which tend to have similar interest, its me and Anderson Cooper with 360 all day.  Yes! “TWITTER” is for grown Ups. I  found my home, and vowed to be faithful.


Well; I almost stayed faithful to Twitter, until the day of my photo shoot for an upcoming women journalist presentation. My friend and photographer Karen said she loved “FACEBOOK”and convinced me to signup.


Initially I was hesitant about joining FACEBOOK after realizing my daughter first mentioned the site. The idea of socializing with her and her friends was scary after the “MYSPACE” ordeal. My daughter refused to put me in her top 8 as a friend. There was also the MOMMY MYSPACE PATROL,  all I did was email them about photo’s or sayings on the site which I felt improper.


Thanks to Karen I moved on to my latest SOCIAL NETWORK craving. I still love “TWITTER” and follow, but I did give “FACEBOOK” a chance.  Truthfully I suffer from SOCIAL NETWORK OVERLOAD disorder, I have not been able to completely let go of MYSPACE or LINKED IN, and I continue a frenzy of SOCIAL NETWORKING.


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