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September 16, 2008

“Sarah Palin”women can’t have it all without sacrafice!

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 Governor Sarah Palin discussed her ability to mother and be Vice President, saying she would perform in the position the same as men have for years. An interesting response which leads us to take a look at how men have done it for years.

The problem with that statement is that men have often time put career first while a spouse attends to the major day to day duties of parenting. However unfair this may be, it is the picture of most American families.

This does not mean that some men do not share in parenting duties, but few run a home caring for children with an absent spouse for long periods of time. I am not saying Palin is wrong for making a choice obviously right for her, but with young children this is a great challenge.

 The average working woman’s responsibility on a job can no way be compared to that of a Vice President, being second in command of the United States hardly compares to any other career. or profession. Women have a right to make those choices but it is wrong to say they make without sacrifice to family. This sometimes includes children, spouse and even self.

The realty is it’s denial to think women with children can perform as a man unless they take on a mans’ way of handling things which is to have the supporting spouse take care of children while you work. Personally it’s a great deal if you can get it, and if it is really what a woman wants to do with her life.

However it’s unfair for women to create this superwoman image.  Many women attempt to live the lie and fall into depression or become overwhelmed trying to be everything to everyone while maintaining perfection. There are no real SUPERWOMEN.

Women working face these challenges everyday, yet they can’t compare to a postion as Vice-President traveling not only within the states, but the country. The truth is we can do the same as a man, but the sacrifice in the process is far different for a mother than a father, mainly because fathers have always placed careers first generally having a spouse responsible for providing for a families needs.

Although things have changed greatly in regards to how households manage everything from bills to caring for children, it is still a issue when women work outside of the home in demanding jobs. The issue is far more with the woman herself than others, it is she who will deal with guilt of not always being present.  Also it is she that deals with choices in conflict when it is the obligation to the job or being there for a child.

Many women face conflict in corporate America explaining the need to be present for a child versus a company request from a superior. It would be interesting to know how the Commander in Chief would handle such request, or worst would a woman feel too guilty to even ask for the needed time. So let’s not pretend that it’s an everyday occurrence that a woman is in the White House as a Vice President mothering children and frying up the bacon, while handling world affairs.

As a woman I as well as others have faced such challenges, so being truthful is to say yes we can have it all, but it is not without paying a price of SACRIFICE.


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  1. People need to stop giving this unqualified PERSON the time of day.

    Let’s get a few things straight: SHE LIVES IN ALASKA!

    Alaska isn’t a hot bed of cultural diversity or urban obstacles. Her husband (who apparently races snowmobiles for a living) has the kids one week, and then the other family members swap them around. This is nice and endearing, but this isn’t a ONE WOMAN SHOW… this is, in reality, an extended family initiative.


    In small rural counties, there isn’t the immediate threat of crime, rape, drugs, and other predators. There is of course, moose to shoot. Moose, by the way, are easy to shoot because they don’t move fast and they are big. Deer, on the other hand, are rather quick. She shoots moose cause she’s lazy…


    So, my dear friend Noirwoman… though I commend you for opening up the topic, Sarah ain’t worthy of the speech she ignites.

    Palin has a big yard. Lots of grass. Lots of room. Kids can run around like wild animals. Everybody is pretty well contained. Her version of doing it “all” is in an isolated world where people load their kids in the back of pick up trucks and go to town fairs.

    She has no idea how the rest of the world lives and survives. You belittle yourself comparing your world to hers… cause believe me, I don’t think she’s sitting around wondering how you get through your day or mine.

    There are probably 5 stop lights before you hit her kids high school. See what I’m getting at?

    Comment by gingerfires — September 16, 2008 @ 3:59 am | Reply

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