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September 10, 2008

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Enough is Enough of your view!

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I have spent years trying to respect Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s opinions and occasional outburst as a member of daytime talk show “The View ” Everyone has a right to their religious, political and social stances, but as a member of a top rated talk show one should have a professional and personal responsibility not to slander a woman who could potentially be the next First Lady.

Hasselbeck went too far with her comment while attending a luncheon in honor of Cindy McCain, wife of Presidential Nominee John McCain. She informed the audience in attendance that Michelle Obama’sinterview on the View show was prearranged with a list of specific questions to be asked.

 Hasselbeck went on to compare Cindy’s beauty, as if implying  Michelle was not beautiful. But the most disturbing part of her comment was to portray Cindy as open, while comparing that Michelle potentially had something to hide. A disgusting remark to make in a public platform by someone in media who very well knows the impact of such statements by someone in her position.

It’s one thing when she expresses her opinion on policy debating those aspects of Barack Obama. She has every right to do so, however most of her debates have no substance to back up her stand. Random debates on issues without ever discussing policy. It is unprofessional for her to make remarks like this about a woman who could potentially be the First Lady.

However it is not surprisings when it comes to Hasselbeck, her emotional outburst are well known on the show and with viewers. The concern is that she has really fallen off the deep end by not understanding her position as a co host on a national talk show, and her opinions should have been left to her discussions with friends and family in a private setting, not one sent out to millions of viewers about her opinion of Michelle Obama who I am sure she does not know outside of the view interview very well. How she came to such a harsh conclusion on one meeting with this woman is amazing. 

Analyzing Cindy and Michelle as potential First ladies,  either would be appropriate for the job, which comes along with the package because they married the candidates. Sill I am curious to know what deep dark scary secret is it that scares Hasselbeck about Michelle Obama.

Hasselbeck needs to be reminded that the view has viewers who do not share her views, just as she has viewers that are in agreement. Those comments were are way out of line as a professional,  this is not about political views, it was a personal attack on her character. Proving  once again she cannot use balance and objectivity.

Personally, McCain and his views are not in agreement with mine, yet respecting his service record to this country is proper regardless of one personal view of him as a candidate. You can disagree with ones politics, yet still respect the person.

Hasselbeck,  a woman who’s career began on a reality show, eating bug, then finding her way to a fashion based show teaching one how to dress for less, its not surprising how she handles herself on a show that requires intellect , logic and critical thinking on occasions.

It amazes me that the other women on the View show express their opinions with out emotional outburst and telling body language which clearly shows she is unhappy with interviews of people who do not share her world views. In case she didn’t realize it. the show which featured Michelle Obama clearly showed her discomfort through her body language,  and occasional looks showing her displeasure that day. The same when Barack Obama was present on the View.

However when both John and Cindy McCain were on the show there were no signs of discomfort from any of the other women on the show. These women may not agree on McCains politics, yet they respect and possibly even like the candidate and his wife. Most intelligent people understand that these are people with different views, yet that does not make them bad or flawed in character.

Hopefully in the future Hasselbeck takes more of an intellectual versus emotional approach to managing her views while still working on the view.



  1. For those that somehow belief that Michelle Obama does not have it for the white people, well, I guess you could say that David Duke is pro Israel!!!! yeah right

    Comment by H. E. Pennypacker — October 3, 2008 @ 12:42 am | Reply

  2. I am not sure of what it is you are saying in your response. If you would like to clarify I will respond.


    Comment by noirwomannews — October 7, 2008 @ 5:04 pm | Reply

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