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September 3, 2008

The Democratic National Convention

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What an overwhelming experience it was to watch history unfold as the first African American male accepted the nomination to run for the presidency of the United states.

Although all the world has taken in the moment, its only obvious that those of us in Illinois have a special feeling as we watch are own Senator Obama make us proud not as a black man, but simply as a man standing for something. He triumped in adversity showing the world that the Senator from Illinois is well prepared to lead this country.

Many were confused wondering if Obama had it in him to be tough, a question without merit, because tough began the day he stood in Springfield Illinois and announced he would run for office. How is it possible that anyone would think he did not know the fight ahead. History left behind from lessons from all who went before him to make a change, or to be first at anything. They did so not without knowing the cause had to be greater than the goal.

Chicago is known around the world for our political way’s which some see as harsh, well the bottom line is get the job done, or the seat a politician holds won’t be there next election. The Mayor, the Governor, right down to the Aldermen realize that the people are for you as long as you are doing the job. However the moment you slip they turn on you and never look back, The years of service are based on “What have you done for me lately,” in Chicago.

Therefore while others doubted Obama’s ability to be tough, here we knew his political training ground prepared him to be just that, light years ahead of many experienced politicians not coming from such a demanding and sometimes abrasive city. The blows he takes now are nothing compared to the swings from the south side residents in Chicago who doubted a young man rallying for change in his early day’s as a community activist. However he keep going and did make changes to those neighborhoods, his biggest impact empowering a neighborhood to impact policy by taking part in the system.

He would later take that fighting spirit to the senate, a new kid on the block yes, but he commanded attention and surrounded himself with the a powerful list of individuals in Chicago that would work magic to ensure this young senator could get to the White House. The magic, simply unite.

A stadium filled with over 80,000 people speaks volumns to the cause for change, and indeed it has occured with the process of this election being modernized with emails, myspace, twitter and you tube.

That brillance of a man smart enough to have a team of young dedicated techies take his campaign to levels never before tested tells me that he has the capacity to think, make sound decisions and respect and embrace the youth in our country.  They not only have a voice, but are setting the tone as to how we again will lead as a country through technology.

An amazing journey which I am privileged to record and make history along with Obama, as participants we are also making history. Recording the stories to share with our children and grandchildren. One man makes a difference yet many have to answer to the call and demonstrate excellence in their own lives.

Obama should not be expected to carry the weight of his race, he should be one example of many African American men leading in all areas of life. That is change, and it is not Obama who will make it it happen. That is left up to each individual.


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